Just had the worst fuses ever. For Gemini.

The lottery part of this game is ridiculous.


Sounds like my pyrritator and magna fuses and tryko


At least I won’t to suffer any more Gemini 10-fuses today. Got 398 totally useless Ourano from strike tower.


Me looking at this post when I got 2 30’s on my gemini due to today’s strike event…


That’s been my experience with all the uniques. But Bajato? 40, 30, 20…

I’ve had almost entirely 10 on Spinoconstrictor.

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The creatures you don’t care for always give a big fuse.

Lol yup got 18 in a row on mammotherium. Gemini bad fuses are horrible though, cuz of how exclusive diplod is…

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The last 11 fuses on my Maxima have all been 10s … not nearly as bad as getting that on Gemini but still not my definition of fun :-1:t4::-1:t4:


Pff… 10s? I think they exist more than even sonic thors.

Why on earth would you use the classic fusing system when multi fusion have way better odds?:man_shrugging:t2::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What if some are trying to create (main reason) or don’t have enough for 5x multi fuse?

If you are creating something of course it is another case. If you don’t have enough you wait. I’m only doing 250 multi fusions at a time though :crazy_face:

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I was able to bump my guy up to level 26. :dragon_face:
I had enough to do a multiple 5 fuse and don’t remember the numbers.


@ArvidSingle fuses and multi fuses have the same probability

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I have never gotten a single 30 on my Dentist so far sad to say

Agreed, I still get strings of 10s on multi fuse. I haven’t seen anything to suggest multi fuse has better odds.

I even had multiple 50s i a row on 5-fuses

My point with this thread is that the big spread from 10 to 100 for a fuse can be extremely frustrating. I wish levelling was more grinding and less lottery.

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So you’d think but the fusion numbers I get when I multi fuse is always much higher.
In this video you see an example of this. No way I’d get as much by one and one fuse.
Watch from 2:11

Never make statistics from small samples. Never.

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