10 10 10

10 10 10 20 10 10 10 10


Thanks for listening. That is all.


You are not only one. I spent whole night collecting night-spawn DNA and then was so frustrated for this ridiculous fusion.

10,10,10,10,10 and so on…

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No worries.
The Devs is listening (since 1.3). Maybe, just maybe, they listen but without any intention to make adjustments… :grin:

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I’ve seen it with my Pyrritor! I would’ve created Magnapyrritor by now… 12 straight 10s… Twice!!!

I’ve recorded me fuseing my Suchatator up to 4000 from 1634 haven’t watched it back yet but any brain boxes want to try and calculate exactly how often I get any of the higher fuses and maybe workout a system probably wouldn’t help though I’m pretty sure I didn’t have one 100 I’ve tried everything waited for certain animations, squat thrusts the worm no joy

My first thought reading the OP was not actually about fusing but was about the 10 character limit on the forums! :joy::joy::joy: 10101010

I cannot express myself in the same way:

Last fuses I’ve made on my Legendaries (missing 30/40/50 to level up) it gave me the EXACT amount I needed to level them up. I’m missing 70 to get an Indoraptor. Crossing my fingers on the next fuse XD

In the words of the great Tyga.

‘Ten, ten, twenties and them fifties b…”

You are not alone. The game is coded to have an average of 20 DNA per fusion.
That’s what average between 10 and 100 stands for Ludia, which clearly states the type of scammers we are dealing with here.

That was the idea of the joke really :wink: I wanted to vent my frustration but do it in a fun way this forum would get :blush:

202020 would have been better, but it’s not true :weary:

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