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10/10 alliance seeking active battlers!

Are you tired of always being top contributor and not getting the rewards you deserve? Well…
The Raptor Brotherhood has an opening for you.
We are a 10/10 alliance with 3 shared level 20 sanctuaries.

Must be at least level 10 with 3000 trophies.
Must battle daily!
Must download the discord app.

PM me on on discord Rachelodon#3917

We are also part of BOB, a 12 alliance cooperative that shares these sanctuaries!!!

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Hello the Raptor Brotherhood 10/10 alliance is recruiting for avid battlers for the tournament. We have 3 level 20 sanctuaries and we were 10th place in the tournament championship.

Requirements: players need to be around level 20 with close to 5000 trophies.

PM me if interested.