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10/10 weekly and 8-9 (top 80) on tournaments!

Hey guys and girls. Grand Theft Lythronax has 1 spot open.


  • weekly 10/10 on missions (this pic is a little old)
  • rank 8-9 on tournaments
  • generous dna donations
  • we have members from all over the world so there is always raid help available.
  • weekly veteran competition
  • fun, friendly and quite hilarious environment


  • active daily player
  • complete daily missions/towers/daily battle incubators
  • get your 10 takedown bonuses in tournaments and any extra points you can earn are appreciated
  • at least 15 battles a day (we understand life gets busy sometimes so if you are short on battles on a certain day, try to make up for them on another day)
  • must join either our discord or Facebook group.
  • please do all these without having to be reminded

We would prefer a higher level player but if you meet all the requirements above, we don’t mind helping a lower level player grow while you help the alliance as well.

Please send me a private message of interested.

I would like to join u guys

Hello Baren. Could you contact me (Bernadette Gardunio) on Facebook so we can talk about you joining?? :slight_smile:

Hey bro , can u use discord

Yes. My discord is klementine311#2293

Hi am around 6000 trophies, verry active member and am looking for an alliance whit sanctuarys level 20

Hello! Would love to talk. Can you contact me on Facebook (Bernadette Gardunio) or discord (klementine311#2293) please.