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10/9 alliance "The Draco Effect" is recruiting

The Draco Effect is now recruiting.
We have been a consistent 5/4 we just became a 10/9 alliance for quite a while.

We have several players that flirt with 6000 or more trophies and finish in the top 100 in the monthly tournaments.
We currently have well over a dozen with over 5500 trophies.
Over two thirds of our alliance is active and has over 5000 Trophies.

You must respect themed sanctuaries. Even though we have not yet gotten past a level 15 Themed sanctuary. We have kicked players for violating this.
You must be active.
You are not required to donate dinosaurs. We do a pay it forward type of system.

Communication is key so you must join our Facebook IM chat room.
Maybe one day we will move people over to Discord or Line, but for now… Facebook IM.
We are not looking for the top elite players as much as we are looking for players who are dedicated to the game. So you don’t have to spend a lot or be a whale.
At the same time, we are looking for players we don’t have to teach the ropes to and have quality dinosaurs.
So we prefer people that have at least 4800 or more trophies. Some exceptions might be made.

We will also be re-opening The Draco Effect 2 alliance. This will need leaders have a minimum Trophy amount of 3000 and will follow similar rules as The Draco effect.
Respect themed sanctuaries and possibly coordinate with the main alliance.
Be semi active.
Join IM
Hard work and activity can get you promoted to the main alliance or vice a versa if you want to take a little vacation.

I try to check this daily, so message me if interested.