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10/9 Alliance with 2 level 20 Sanctuaries looking for new recruits

The Dysfunctional Dinos are always on the hunt for strong, dedicated and friendly members to join our family.
Why join us? – We offer 2 level 20 Sanctuaries that are built in less than 24 hours. We always donate DNA.
Alliance Missions - We are currently achieving 10/9 with the alliance mission rewards but we are making progress every week to reach that 10/10 peak.
Communication – Discord is mandatory. We are an international alliance but use English to communicate.
What we want from you
The minimum requirements to join our alliance are to be at least of level 13 and a minimum of 2500 trophies.
We also have a few extra rules we expect you to follow, but these are quite simple and are in place to ensure everyone is doing their part.
If you’re looking for a team that merges the ambition of a top tier alliance, but a fun and friendly environment, we are the team for you. PM your interest to become a Dysfunctional Dino.

By joining Dysfunctional Dinos, you will get sanctuaries built in less than a day with the most wanted dinos.

Spots are filling up fast for Dysfunctional Dinos. Soon to be the 6th 10/10 team on ARK. Enjoy an active group of players and join them. Send a private message to LeftOfParis.

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I can vouch for Dysfunctional Dinos, very active and helpful Alliance. The level 20 Sanctuaries are no joke, and you receive tons more DNA than you would with any lower level ones. All and all, an awesome Alliance and Co-OP.

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Another great job on building that level 20. Glad to have you as part of ARK. Definitely a great family friendly alliance

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Hi @LeftOfParis, just saying hi and thanks for the semi regular friendlies we’ve had. Good games. :grin:

Cheers and good luck in your recruitment.

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Team Dysfunctional Dino, you guys rocked it this week. Really solid team with a few players short still hits 10/9 comfortably and very close to 10/10 easily! Impressive. Any active players looking for a very active chatty group. This is the one! Send Paris a PM or reach her on Discord.

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Thanks for all the friendly battles. Happy Hunting.


Ready to join a stress-free alliance that is generous and will help elevate your core team with access to the fastest built sanctuaries in JWA? Message LeftOfParis


Glad to have you as part of ARK. Definitely a great family friendly alliance