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10 Abilities/Moves That Need To Be Added To The Game Immediately!

Initially, I was going to unveil this in a bigger platform where I gave a complete overhaul to each dinosaur and showed how this could work with other things in a better overall system, but now I would rather showcase these separately and see how the community feels about them first because the amount of content in one thread would be so overwhelming that I think conversation would be lost. Yes. I will be following up on these soon, but for now I wanted to present these ten ideas and see what the response is solely to these ten things. I think these would benefit a lot, but it’s only a small part of the bigger picture. So for now… here they are:

New Features

Hereditary Leech (leeches a move from an evolutionary bloodline relative at random, cooldown 1)

This is an idea I’ve had for over a year now and it would basically add value to Common and Rare dinosaurs again by seriously having them be competitive at the top tier level of gaming in the so-called “meta” that would no longer exist here for several reasons that this thread can’t and won’t go into at this time.

Example: If you drew Velociraptor, it would have its Strike, it would have its Pounce and all that, but now it would have a move called Hereditary Leech. This means that if you choose to use Hereditary Leech, it will, at random cause Velociraptor to perform one move or ability from its bloodline at random be it from Indominus Rex or Indoraptor.

So it might Cloak allowing you to Pounce afterwards and get a nice epic hit in. It may very well hit Armor Piercing Rampage or… it may hit Cunning Strike, Evasive Stance, Armor Piercing Impact, Fierce Strike or Cleansing Impact. It can use any move of any dinosaur it evolves into. I am aware some will argue this devalues the higher rarity dinosaurs, but we all know this is simply not the case.

The truth is the basic, actual, dinosaurs that existed have been devalued far too soon. When you eventually run out of resources it becomes logical to go back and use what you have at your disposal in a way that works to add value without taking value away from where your focus has been.

For now, this is enough. In the future we can discuss opening the door for swap-in Hereditary Leeches that draw one resistance from a bloodline dinosaur at random. So in this case (again, this would be something to look at in the future after implementing this initially) Velociraptor could swap in and trigger this feature to gain 100% Damage Over Time resistance. That would be incredible.

I thought about giving Rare dinosaurs this ability and maybe select ones that are no longer valued make sense, but this is my idea to primarily bring true value back to Commons.

Foreign Leech (leeches a move from the opposing dinosaur, cooldown 1)

This would function the same way, only you would literally be stealing a move or ability at random from your opponent’s active creature. Just to clarify as some may not even consider this, so I’ll bring it up now. I do think that the way this feature functions with swaps matter. It is my thought that this could be a fun idea either way.

Either this move needs to draw at random from the current dinosaur before a swap is made by an opponent or it would transfer the Leech onto the incoming dinosaur. In the latter setup the opponent could actually use this against their Leecher by deciding which dinosaur they leech from and as much as I do like that I feel it could be abused. So the fairest thing may be a 50% chance to leech from either dinosaur that was active or swapped in in the event of a swap. I’m willing to let the community decide that.

Mobility Fatigue (becomes locked after 2 swaps of any kind depending upon rarity for 2 turns)

This means that something swaps out, be it with Rampage & Run or you just naturally swap out, once it occurs twice with that specific dinosaur there is a trigger of the Mobility Fatigue and that dinosaur becomes locked in place for two turns overriding swap prevention resistance.

Example: You have Utarinex or Phorusaura. It swaps out once. Fine. It comes back in and swaps out again. This causes it to be locked out of the action for two turns as the current dinosaur becomes locked down no matter what it is. So say you were swapping between the two. They would be locked down both in and out of the game for two turns. So say your Phorusaura was killed during the first turn of the lock down. You can not draw Utarinex during the second turn of the lock down. So it is essentially a dual lockdown. It impacts both the swapping dinosaur and incoming dinosaur. This would be on every single dinosaur in the game.

Deflection (taunt- 67% chance to cause 75% of the opponent’s damage to be deflected back at them including any effect, cooldown 3)

I think this one is simple enough to understand.

Earthquake (45% chance to deal excess damage to a two random benched dinosaurs, delay 2, cooldown 4)

You want to use this to kill a dinosaur so that whatever damage is left over is split evenly and inflicted upon two benched dinosaurs if you get lucky enough to have the excess damage hit at all. What would be funny is, you know how sometimes your opponent is left standing with 9 life? Even 1 life? Imagine hitting this move on that active dinosaur and then having all excess damage after doing only 1 point of damage to the active, go into two benched dinosaurs! It’s incredible.

Play Dead (priority move, 57% chance to dodge all damage and swap out or instantly die if you don’t successfully dodge)

It’s a gamble. A simple to understand gamble.

Tornado Terror (priority move, swap your Health with your Attack for two turns and heal to full health, gain 75% speed
increase, cooldown 4, delay 1)

This move would go on healers. Nothing else. But yes… it could be leeched! Like everything else.

Blind Rage (absorb all damage for 2 turns and expel it out along with 3x your base damage, 65% chance to hit the opponent, 35% chance to hit self, cooldown 2)

I think this one is pretty much easy to understand. Any damage you take, including critical hits and buffed up damage just add it up and tally it to your base damage three times over and that’s what you’ll hit by turn 3. You are guaranteed to live until turn 3. What happens on turn 3 happens. It’s your choice to use this feature or not. Use it wisely. That’s why it’s called Blind Rage.

Long Heal (priority taunt shield, Heal 25% of health over time for 3 turns, cooldown 5)

Self explanatory.

Desperation Defense (when at 35% of health or less against a stronger Class, damage output is doubled for one turn and overrides anything even distraction)

You see what this is in reference to. Yes. I have ways to balance everything out and these ten features are only a small part of that.



Revenge Shatering ferous definitive rampage

Delay: 0 Cooldown: 0


Actually Lethal Wounding Rampage was coming along with the next sample level. I have a plan to balance out everything and make bleeders great again.

I like the variety you achieved, I hope it reaches ludia’s eyes, man

I like Long Healing, intead of using wasting your times 2 heal on a level one common, you could heal it over time. Very interesting.

But how on earth are you gonna balance Blind Rage? There is actually no way to, because there is only a two turn cooldown you can be invincible for 3 turns and then do blind rage again. Whichever creature has this will be Unbeatable.

Also the hereditary leech, why would you unlock a velos hybrid if it itself could use those moves? Indom could get double cloak, if it gets erlindoms cloak and its own up. Thats a potential times 6 damage!(Revenge Cloak + Normal Cloak)

Hereditary Leech would be for Commons only and a few Rare dinosaurs maybe that have lost value. I mentioned that as well as the fact that this is a fair balance. See Blind Rage can be Leeched with Foreign Leech. Also Blind Rage can hit YOU! And kill your own dinosaur entirely. So it’s still a gamble. If you want to talk about changing the percentages on self hit versus opponent hit then I’m all for it.

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So thats what you meant by “use it carefully”. Gotcha

all opponents: Remove all positive effects
self: Add cloak, Dodge and invincibility
All teammates: Heal. Shields. Increase Crit. Chance

than just make blind rage 1-2 turn/s

dont we already have long heal as maximal heal

I’ve really already explained why this works. It takes away if you lessen the amount of turns. It’s a gamble.

Long Heal sounds like a good idea, the rest I’m neutral to.

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I’m curious. Why do you like Long Heal? I thought you might not like a few, but I’m surprised you’re neutral. I can’t wait to go into detail down the road in a more expansive way. I just really see these being very impactful in several ways. A lot of fun as well.

Venomous Carnage (wink,wink[ hint: look at profile, get the joke?])
priority: no Delay: 1 cooldown: 3
All opponents: Apply Dot for 5 turns, Nullify
Team: Heal, Cleanse all negative effects, shields at 50% for 2 turns
Self: Heal 50%
Dinosaurs that have this ability: Scaphognathus gen 2, Tarbognathus (tarbosaurus+scaphognathus gen 2)

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Well, I’m glad you all seem to be having fun with it and liking these because what comes next will blow your minds. Maybe it will blow out a volcano, who knows?

It would allow the healer to attack while healing, and not have to worry about the heal being wasted if it hasn’t lost a lot of HP. Plus if it cleanses every time it regenerates that’s an even bigger plus, and if it doesn’t then it will have some interesting interactions with DoT.

It really depends on the creatures that receive the abilities. Without that it just comes down to how cool you think the move is or how useful you would find it against specific opponents you have trouble with.

I absolutely love your answers. I edited in one that all will have. There is one more all will have I’ll edit it in now, but I’ll obviously get back to you on the rest at a much later time.

As far as the Damage Over Time is concerned, I’m curious. Let’s assume for a minute that it doesn’t Cleanse each time… what would be interesting to you about that the most? Is there a specific encounter between two dinosaurs that comes to mind, specifically?

(On a side note, it’s good to speak with you again)

Actually I’m nervous to edit the original post because the last time I did that it messed the thread up. So I’ll just tell you Desperation Deflense will be on every single dinosaur. I’ve already stated Mobility Fatigue would as well and every Common has Hereditary Leech and maybe some devalued Rare dinosaurs.

I think the Leech moves have potential to be fun, like Metronome in Pokemon, but only if there’s a good chance that the move picked won’t actually be all that great.

No, it’s just that it opens up new possibilities. A while ago (I think it was the Bajadasaurus and Coenozoic update) Regen-and-run was stripped of its cleanse, which meant that if it was swap-prevented, the move would essentially function as a worse Regeneration. This created an interesting scenario with DoT because the ultimate DoT moves are ones that deal damage equal or close to equal to the opponent’s max health—like Lethal and Maiming Wound—but now you have a scenario where a creature can effectively have more HP than it’s Max HP over multiple turns. Potential DoT moves that deal total damage higher than 1x your opponent’s max HP are no longer redundant with more non-cleansing heal moves.

I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m completely confused, but I want to understand exactly what you mean. For the first time I don’t fully understand every aspect of this. At first it sounded like you were saying it as though Long Heal would expand the health bar instead of stopping at the maximum amount.

And then I’m just still trying to understand your whole line of thinking. I’m guessing you lean more towards this not having Cleanse.

huh… oh…so its not really a regular heal, more "regeneration"