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10 Abilities/Moves That Need To Be Added To The Game Immediately!

No the game functions fine with it


Well you still opted to take out something with chance in it. And that means you would be taking out some major random number generators. The point is it has a place here in every single encounter. Every battle. You can not escape it and you do… like it. Proven. All of those are random number generators.

I dont like the RNG, I like how it was implemented into the combat system. We can’t take it out because it’s been here too long

That’s a cop out. The point is we need it. You do approve of having it and we can’t afford to be discriminatory about this. But I’ll just let you see how this plays out because once you actually see it in action it’s different. Much like your familiarity with this. You literally just proved my point.

No, I don’t approve of having it. You aren’t reading again.

This is my stance, RNG has been in this game since it’s inception, and taking it out now is unnecessary when the system works fine. However, adding more unnecessary RNG would aggravate the majority of the player base


That right there.

That is not a reason. Simply because someone doesn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not balanced. When you arrest someone for a crime they are aggravated, but we don’t just release criminals.

It’s just the way it’s been is not a good reasoning either.

If they decided to do this no one would complain as much as me suggesting it even if they complained in both scenarios. Because people usually submit to definite decision by those in charge.

Do you know why I think said it would aggravate the playerbase? These ideas dont work because THEY ADD TOO MUCH RNG! I’m not opposed to change, I’m opposed to unnecessary change. There is a huge difference.

Agreed, you apparently don’t get it. At all. Your suggestions are bad, your arguments are selfish, and you should stop arguing about RNG.


But thanks for getting involved in the forums, in any case! :frog::crocodile::turtle::lizard::snake::dragon_face::dragon::sauropod::t_rex:

They are brilliant because they promote the ultimate balance.

Change for the sake of change is bad, but change for balance, especially that takes care of multiple issues is great. But you are close-minded. Many others see how this benefits everyone. You have to look at what’s happening to see the benefit, but all you do is isolate it to “oh, more random number generator” and thus it is you who truly misses the point.


First off you’re not reading again, I said I opposed the RNG, i didn’t have anything against long heal or the non-RNG moves. That’s why I opposed most of your ideas. They add unnecessary elements when we don’t need them, bring imbalance, or are just unnecessary. I don’t have a problem with you, but the ideas really turn me off

I also have advocated for lots of balancing changes before, so I’d be a bit careful about who you’d call closed minded.

What benefits does this bring? The only good coming out of this is a heal move so that raids healers can focus elsewhere.

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