10* Alpha dragon

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Valhallas Finest, the flagship of the whole Valhalla Family, presents to you:

10 star Shellfire Alpha dragon

After some tuff fights the last couple of days, we are very happy to be able to show this to you. Im grateful for my whole family of clans and not at least what the vikings in Finest have done these past 2 days.

We never stand still in Valhalla and a right now full in all of our 3 clans(Finest, Outlaws and Children). Therefor can I also say that we are in the beginning of starting our 4th clan. Valhallas Berserkers will soon have their first players. If you dream about being part of this tremendous family, feel free to hit me up. We got clans for all power levels and have the best players in the game to help with roster building and all other stuff.

/Farmer Jay - Leader of the Valhalla Family


I literally could not be more proud of us! 10* dragon!!! I know we will need some time to see 11* but this is a huge achievement and I am very proud! Thank you Jay for your leadership and the rest of my co-leaders as well!

Very excited to welcome new players into our family as we continue to expand. :slight_smile: Go Valhalla’s Finest and Family!!!


What power level will you need to be to join the new guild?

I think the minimum is 4500 but we will be looking for a combination of roster depth, power level, and team spirit :slight_smile:

All of you guys are amazing couldn’t be prouder Outlaws is also taking on its first 8* alpha atm

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I would like to join but currently only 3300 in power.

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There may be space for you in Children, but we are working on getting the new clan set up and will have to see how many spots open up. Feel free to contact me on discord @shinobara#3411

Hi, I’m interested in joining one of your clans, my best team is 4500+ and I’m “cultivating” a 5* dragon that will be in my team soon enough, I hit the alphas at least 6 times per alpha, is there a chance you might be interested?

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Hi there,i see that you are looking for a clan,we have space for you,our clan is very active and we can beat 7* alphas and our members are friendly,if you are intetested in our clan please leave your ID number here and we’ll send you an invite,thanks !

Hey there! For sure. Contact me on Discord, @shinobara#3411. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Hello! Have a team of 5408 and wants to join a clan that could at take down 7* alphas. IGN is Alstecr and #3351.