10.. always bloody 10


It’s bad enough getting a 10 on any fuse…

But when you grind all week…
And use 200 Trex DNA and 2000 raptor DNA to make only 50 indominous DNA… (That’s bad enough, 50nfrom 4 fuses)
To then get a 10 on your indo fuse…

It honestly doesn’t feel worth it after all the hard work.
It feels insulting :rofl:


I just excitedly fused my nodopatosaurus up to … 499/500…ughhhh …now to find more nodosaurus.


I think theres a trick to getting more than 10 that someone has eluded to on this forum here…


Yea it’s complete rubbish


Feels, had I not have been getting consecutive 10s, my megalosuchus should be lvl 23 by now :tired_face:


I’ve been testing it. Barely any 10s lately…just saying


What’s this theory then


Come on mike, Spill :joy::joy:


you tap the screen and pray just like everything else in the game. 10 = you didnt pray hard enough


Could you please screenshot its stats? I want to know if its worth all that work


Heather, someone posted that you pay attention to the dinosaur when you push the fuse button. If you get a high fuse number hit the fuse again when the dinos doing the roar or movement with its foot or whatever it may have been doing when you got the higher number.


i feel like someone did that once and generalized it to all fusings.


Before I hit that fuse button, Id usually try talking to my babies, stroking them, and giving them lots of love and attention by tapping on that screen. All efforts remain futile … still getting 10s :flushed:

What sorcery have you to share?


I know yelling at it also doesn’t work…


I like to yell at my screen BIG MONEY! BIG MONEY! BIG MONEY! …it doesn’t help, but at least it’s something to do while looking at the tens.


If you cross your eyes you can get 1010 on every fuse.


It’s working so far…


Feels like I’ve been hitting a lot of higher numbers recently. I’ve been seeing a lot of 30s and 40s. Couple of nights ago I got a 70 on my postimetrodon and then my very next fuse was an 80 on my tryostronix.

That said when I was first making my Pyrritator I hit so many 10s that I was only just able to create it despite getting all 18 irritators during the event. That was very frustrating.