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10 creature rewards

Is there a list anywhere of what rewards are for the 10 creature incubators on different Arenas?

I’m on SORNA, and keep getting 18 Stygi DNA which I don’t really want right now.

If I level back down to LOCKDOWN will I get different Epic DNA?

I’m currently stuck in Lockdown. Nothing but Stygi in my incubs here.

Epic? I’ve only gotten epic once and it was stygmoloch. It’s a good idea, but generally nothing but useless junk in them, no matter the arena.

This incubator gives you exclusive dna. I get either stygy or Alanqa in the epic slot but you have to reach arena 9. Otherwise you get only stygy.

These incubators are for me the best way to farm irritator, galliminus dna and exclusive epic. Love them we never have enough of exclusive dna :slightly_smiling_face:

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Right - the replies here and some searching mean I know what to do: stay in SORNA - dropping an arena or 3 isn’t going to affect my chances of harvesting T-Rex or Pyro DNA from a 10 critter incubator.

Anyone wanna buy some Stygi DNA?


What am I doing wrong? I have only ever once gotten epic. How often do others get epic out of the 10 creatures defeated incubators?

Do you have to let them sit for a while or something?

I think VIP guarantees the Stygi DNA. Not sure about other random DNA drops.

Ah, that’s it then. I don’t pay - anymore. That’s probably why I got it once, just as my subscription was ending.

Yes I forgot to mention that the epic slot is guaranteed in vip incub but not in normal one :sweat_smile:

I do like the exclusive dna you gain from the incubators, except for the stygi. I wish there was another exclusive epic introduced in the lower arenas.

Better model: Stygi 50% of the time, random Epic the rest of the time.