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10 DNA 14 times in a row

I’m trying to get dna for Ardontosaurus but the dna fuse seems to be really broken with this dino. I keep getting 10 dna and I have tried 14-15 times now, all 10.

This is the worst luck I ever had with a dino so I wonder if something is wrong? Anyone else with the same problem?

My Ardontosaurus is level 20 and I’m trying to get the Unique hybrid Ardentismaxima

That’s really weird, I was actually wondering the same thing but in reverse, my Ardontosaurus gives me more 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s than other hybrids.

Happened to me on Monday, but with Para. 12 fuses in a row, all of them were 10’s.

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Me on Carnotarkus. That spiky cow! Good thing next fuse is guaranteed to take me to lvl 18.

Same. Trying to get Carnotarkus to Lvl 23. As it was on 280/400 for a while but needs levelling to keep up with the team.

Currently 390. Got one 20, rest were 10s. Just thankful to my alliance for putting up with my constant weuhro requests

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Just got dna to fuse two more times and I got two 10’s. What is this!? Should I wait?? Something seems to be very wrong…

When it lowers it head down press fuse ;0)