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10 dna fusion

How the hell are you supposed to get decent legendary or unique dinos when this ridiculous game exhausts all your dna by giving you 10per fusion!! I’ve just wasted 1000 epic dna to level up one Dino…and I’ve still not managed to yet!! 10 every damn time. Also I think my Allosinosaurus is broken because every one I battle critical hits me without fail…mine is yet to get a crit hit. Despite the update that I thought might improve this game…it still sucks

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Well it makes ur time to move forward way longer.
I‘ve worked weeks to months for my three uniques because of that.

But some lucky day, it will happen that u finally can tap create button.

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I’m leveling up my spinota and I think I’ve done at least 8-9 fusion in past two days and every time I got 10. Same story with Indoraptor 10 or 20

Yes. Sadly that‘s normal.

It seems like they deliberately put this in code for some specific dinos

Took me years to get indoR, recently I got 2x50 and 1x40. Not in a row, but close to it. The probability for 10’s is surely the highest by far, but at least it’s not impossible to get better numbers.

To be honest sometimes I also felt like that. There are some hybrids am often getting nice fuses like 30+, and other hybrids including all my uniques are getting bad fuses…like 10s. Highest I got for an Unique was a 30.

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I went for Utahraptor - I managed to collect 4200 DNA with 30 attempts, not easy as were very rare comparing to other spawns… I barely came from level 22 to level 23 of Utasinoraptor… sure all fusions by 10.

Definitely there’s something fishy is going on inside ludia hqr lol

I just got 90 on my tragodistis, it’s just a matter of luck.

I may be getting luckier lately but feels like that’s a little better since the update.

Try to save up the DNA until you have enough for 6+ fuses. The amount of bad and good fuses will be distributed in average of 20-30 DNA depends on your luck. Don’t do a single fuse, it is not worth it according to my experience.


Eh. Its fine.


Ik you’re mad, we’ve been through it, but get ready, it happens 90% of the time you fuse.