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10 instead of 8 or limit Apex

If the rumours are true that we are getting more apex Dino’s it will only be a matter of time the majority of players have the exact same 8 dinasours. I think it needs to be considered either 10 dinasours as your chosen ones or limit the Apex to 4.
Jus sayin.


Considering Apex creatures are easier to get and level up than other creatures, this makes a lot of sense.

Teams of 12, we desperately need it

No we don’t, and we’ve had at least a couple big threads explaining why. I’ll paste my thoughts again:

Right now I have a team I’m fairly happy with – all level 30s with 27+ boosts each – but I expect the next update to “rebalance” some creatures and force me to replace at least one or two. There’s also a boost shuffle incoming, so even if nothing on my team gets nerfed in the next update, I’ll likely take advantage of the shuffle to replace a member or two.

I’m not a F2P player, but I don’t buy anything besides VIP. I usually hang out in high gyro with the occasional foray into low shores. If my team were expanded from eight dinos to 12, I would suffer a lot. I don’t have extra boosts lying around, so I’d have to spread my existing boosts over four extra dinos, making my entire team weaker. My only benched level 30s aren’t very useful, so I’d have to use some level 26-28s and my team level would drop as well. I wouldn’t even come close to shores anymore; I’d fall back down to low gyro or even library… which is already jam-packed with players struggling to get ahead. We need solutions that allow more people to break into shores, not ideas that result in pushing the majority of players down.


We are all the same (within reason) that we have worked hard and have put many hours into our dinosaus, but I can’t see Ludia nerfing/rebalancing any of the Apex anytime soon which means Apex are always going to be top of the pecking order. As soon as we get 8 Apex, that’s it, none of us will be using anything else so we will all have the exact same 8 dinasours which would be a crying shame. Turning the 8 to 10 or 12 will give something different. Or limiting you to choose just 4 Apex. Yes it will hit us all but the game is gonna go downhill fast shortly if we dont

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I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think either of these are a great solution for the problem here. Raising team size sounds nice, but other potential issues aside, it wouldn’t fix anything, at least not substantially. If there’s 7 Apexes in the game (one for every day of the week), and they’re all better than uniques, then 7/10 of everyone’s teams will be the same in the high arenas. That really isn’t a very diverse meta, and variety there is pretty low already. But if you limit it to one Apex per team, most people are just going to use the one best Apex (currently that would probably be Ceramagnus), so it would be kinda pointless to try to collect and level the rest of the Apexes. It would essentially require near perfect balance within the Apex rarity (and to some extent, the meta overall) to give all of them a shot. I think making the Apexes more on par with uniques in strength (and making it so none of them can be exploited) would be a better solution; then they hopefully wouldn’t be used significantly more or less than uniques (at least the better uniques). Ludia may not do that, but I don’t think we’ve found a good alternative yet besides accepting the eventual near-obsolescence of many uniques in the highest arenas.


Having 12 rather than 8 on a team would help to reduce the same old creatures seen over and over again. Anything to promotes team diversity in the Arena has to be a good thing. I’d even be up for the idea of limiting Apex to a max of two per team.


The issue already is real today and it will get worse with every new Apex which will be added to the game.

Due to the terrible user experience in arena and poor reward this month, I started to drop from Gyro / Shores to experiment with some new dinos. And it is ridiculous. In lower arenas you see teams of level 21 uniques combined with multiple level 27 apexes.

So how the apexes are set-up today really is impacting ALL arenas:
Lower Arenas: Apexes are too easy to get
End Game: Apexes are stronger than all other creatures which will kill the diversity of the arena.

Just look at the top of the leaderboard. Already today we see multiple underleveled (26-28) Apexes in every team. We never had that in the past. Of course, balancing always has been poor. But never ever you have been able to reach top 100 with multiple level 27 creatures in your team.

Definitely will be fun once everybody runs a level 30 Mortem, Lux and Magnus!
Sorry for the low level players, but I then prefer to drop down to get some easy wins…

Only solution: Nerf the Apexes. Moderate nerf for Mortem, heavy nerf for Lux and Magnus. Trebax, I guess, is fine as it is.


That’s just going to cause complaints from players who put the effort in to collect them. The better option would be to just limit their use/numbers of teams.

So what? This is part of the game. Who cared about people complaining about their Monomimus, Stegodods, Indo G2s being nerfed?

And I do not mean to nerf Apexes to the ground. Just to make them on par with Uniques.

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The whole point, I would guess, is that the Apex are meant to be better than Uniques. They take a lot longer to potentially acquire as well. Balancing their use is better than nerfing them.

Ultimately we’ll have to see whether anything is done if and when new Apex creatures are added. The more that do get added, the more I see something being done to tone them down though,

Sorry, but I have to disagree on that. Apexes are much easier to unlock and level than uniques. At least the ones with exclusive DNA.

Of course, you can level a unique relatively fast when you have access to level 20 sanctuaries and only do FIP 1 creature. But on Apexes you do not have a limitation. You can work on all 4 Apexes at the same time with very little effort.


Apex creatures will take you two to three months assuming you can get a Raid each week and get good DNA from it. Any long time player will have enough of the ingredients to make a Unique creature a lot easier.

Some completely different idea (context: all my apexes are between lvl 27 and 29, it’s what RNG allowed me to receive in doing very dutifully my weekly raid job. So I did my amount of apex raids…)

Why not let the apexes continu to be extremely strong, but take them completely out of the arena?
Of course there still have to be incentives to create those dino’s. And I really think there could be plenty of those situations, the devs just have to be a little bit more creative (a dream, I know). But be honnest, the strike events, even the epic ones are so stupidly easy atm, campaign is done for so many months, championships are always about battling and moreover so repetitive, … It could be so easy to create content that even for the endgame players was a challenge, and in some of these the use of apexes could be the key to success.
But at least those 4 creatures could stay out of the PvP-battles this way.

Not a bad idea. I think they serve better in Raids anyway.

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nope a apex is an apex you work hard very hard to get it it deserves to roam free .you dont have one…figure out a counter its the name of the game so i disagree leave it be and adapt to it


I respect your opinion…
As I said, I also worked hard for my apexes and it are very big boys by now.
So I would really like them to be able to fulfill a special role in my game experience. But I’m not sure that role has to be the arena…
I would rather have them to play an even more important role, you see.

No, for all the othet creatures you have to work much harder. Therefore Apexes should not be that strong.

Ideally a bit less strong than the uniques with exclusive ingredients.

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And to be clear, I have all Apexes myself plus already some good counters fully boosted at level 30.
But this does not change the fact that they are too strong.

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No it wouldn’t.

As long as Ludia forces you to lose half your boosts every time you want to remove some, you will always see the same 8 dinosaurs week after week.

What would really help diversity is if they simply let all users move boosts around for free.

Imagine being able to try out new dinosaurs risk-free.
Imagine being able to set up a dinosaur for raid and then changing it for arena.
Imagine being able to set up your tournament teams with boosts for non-skill weekends.

Ludia would make so much more money from coin sales if there were a reason to have more than eight Level 30 dinosaurs…