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10 instead of 8 or limit Apex

The usual eight would still see use because they are already filing those slots, but what people took for the other four would produce variety. You won’t get the same extra four and while not an impressive range, it would mean different creatures faced.

Personally I don’t think this is a good idea. It defies the point of having a “cost” to swap boosts around. If people can just swap freely, it won’t generate sales because those who have them won’t spend money on boosts when they can just swap and will then just rely on free boosts for anything else.

If people could swap freely, then they would spend their Hard Cash on coins instead, because you would have to level up so many other dinosaurs to Level 30. Ludia would make more money because there are far more dinosaurs that would become useful if boosts could be freely swapped.

Not really… definitely not enough to impact your day to day in the long run.

Most players currently use a combination of 3-4 apex and a combination of the best uniques to round out their 8.

With 12 Dino’s nothing really changes except one can fit all 4 apex and the best 8 uniques.

Sure you might not see Mortem/Thor every match but the Dino that you see in it’s place is still gonna be a meta Dino. And rng says you could still see them 5 matches in a row.

Personally I’d love it if i could add 2 more dinos to my pvp team

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I vote for separated apex free areana.

I completely disagree, this is the reason I don’t do battles as much as I use to, and I don’t boost my creatures, people have now just boosted 8 and sticked with those 8 until a refund or not boosted anything but there must-stays on their team or there raid creatures. Having a 100 percent boost refund will affect the game more positively especially because in the game there has always been a slight imbalance where some creatures are too weak and others too strong

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