10 miles of state park 3 stegos

I took the long way home and was pretty disappointed that there weren’t more in the park. It was early evening and being classed as anytime, there should have been more.


Yeah, I live right by a pretty big state park as well, and the spawns are really poor. Then, there are other small parks that don’t show up on the map as a park, and then there is the parking lot that shows up as a park…

Park spawns are just a bad idea. They learned that with the event drops - why did they do it with the dinos?

Ludia logic.


Funny right? If it’s not broken why is change necessary? Nothing has been done to fix loads of bugs in the game - despite players being unhappy.
What has been changed are among others nerfing dinos spawn rates - although players are happy.

So, in essence the expected result will be more unhappy players. Seriously a very good business practice.



For me the reasoning of the creators is clear. If we nerf the Stegodeus and make it impossible to find stegosaurus, perhaps we make someone decide to create and evolve Gigaspikasour or Nodopatotitan and that implies more need for coins.

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I can’t imagine trying to create and get giga up to 26 like my stegod. I mainly took the detour so I can donate to my alliance demands. It does seem to be one marketing strategy after the other.

Nerf more, fix less, buy more scents! Ludia’s company slogan boys and girls!

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