10* screaming death needs rethinking

Besides the bugs associated with this alpha and bugs, I question the need for 2 bombs plus targeting of special tiles.

It os very difficult to clear 1 bomb let alone 2 i
3 moves even if you aim for them. Having the bombs target special gems makes it even harder. Please make it so bombs target random gems


Am I the only one having special tiles targeted? Happened to me on 3 straight plays so I thought it had to be design

Ok clanmate had same experience so not just crazy bad luck

Seconding this. 2 bombs is VERY hard. Further they don’t always explode at the top, and when I mentioned this to support, they gave me some weird non-sense answer that makes no sense. I asked for clarification but have not received it.

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Do your bombs target special tiles? One clanmate backs me, the other says not to him

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