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10 seconds to load a match max

If you devs spent half as much time thinking about the game, as some spend policing forums… no never mind that thought, game would still be horrendously bad in areas. But to whoever’s little feelers I hurt, just do a search on the abbreviation used. You got lots of posts needing reported. I only get 10 seconds to make a move in a match, server should only get 10 seconds to find a match or create a bot. I don’t mind the mind bots, I don’t mind the over powered ones trying to keep win/loss rate looking average. But I really get tired of waiting minutes for your going to lose matches to load. Anytime someone wins to many. The real reward is an hour of being pitted against a real players who always win back to back to back until their win streak gets to high. Then toss in a few bots 4-5 levels higher. Lose enough then it’s back to winning a few. Rinse and repeat, can’t we just speed the rinse and repeat up… that’s all I’m asking for. I stay so mad at pvp followed by an eternity of loading… this post is impossible to write without emotion to do it justice but the forum police can’t have any emotions. Whatever

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While I’ve noticed an increase of match making time, matches rarely take more than 20 seconds to set up.

And above only noticed one or two bots during that time.

You’re seeing actual minutes pass by? Maybe it’s the arena. I’m just in little ol’ 5 and 6.

Hey Tyr, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the loading in the Arena. However, it sounds like you might be having some issues with your connection.

If possible, try freeing up some extra storage space on your device or closing any background apps you have opened while playing the game and see if that helps.

Should the issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at with your support key.

I am pretty sure I have never had it take more than 30 seconds to load a match nor have I ever seen anyone else say it has been much more than that. Are you sure it isn’t a problem on your end?

Also, in theory we should be matched against people, or bots, relatively equal in strength. So if by luck or by skill someone wins too many in a row it just means that they got pretty lucky and will end up against even stronger teams that would be likely to beat them. With equal matching the win loss rates should be close to 50/50. Obviously skill can help a little but since it is a dice game, or suppose to emulate one, luck is going to be a big factor.

I’m extremely unhappy with the new load time. I used to be able to do my PvP for the day during my lunch break. Now, because of the horrible, longer “searching for match” times it is no longer even remotely possible to earn my PvP chests during my lunch break.

It greatly reduces my enjoyment of the game. PvP was already the worst part of the game, but it was the only one that gave rewards without spending. Now it takes so much time it that it is no longer feasible.