10-Step Power Up Epic Tower [Gameplay]

Hey everyone …
here’s the last battle to the Power Up epic tower!
Hope it helps :slight_smile:



Keep us in the edge why don’t you

I’ve done this twice with only epics (1 epic hybrid as minimum)

Haha, yeah these towers have become a fun way to try out dinos I don’t usually play …

(I always keep a unique as back-up just in case, lol… dont wanna waste $200 cash on a retry for a silly loss)

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Nice one. I am boring and just use my best dinos and want to get it done asafp :joy:

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No disrespect to your videos Hersh but it was painful enough sitting through 10 matches playing the thing - 10 is too many especially when there only seems to be one in the whole town so you can’t even walk between them …

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Boring and cold :joy:

I agree with you @PQC
This was not a fun experience when it’s 40* outside :snowman:

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