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10 Things about 1.11 that mattered to me

Hi all,

This is just my list of 10 things that affected me in 1.11.

Might be different for you and they are in no real order except maybe patch notes order or most fresh in my mind.

  1. Multi-Fuse.

To me, the highlight of 1.11. 10/10 feature. Not buggy, does its job and gives you the info needed to make it very useful. So good I over-fused my Tragodistis by a lot.

  1. Alliance Tools (or there lack of)

The epic fail of 1.11. Doesn’t do much, doesn’t tell much and seems to be not working. It only works if you have a friend who either hasn’t played since actual dinosaurs roamed the Earth or are playing right now. 0/10 for what it was supposed to do.

  1. Draco duo

The bugbear of the update. As someone who has a very high level Draco G2 and a boosted DracoRat, the change makes their use different. A DracoRat can now 1 shot an incoming opponent DracoRat by being on the field. The change in style of use makes DracoRat and Draco G2, less satisfying to use as a surprise attack since they do 40% of the opponent health in unarmored/unshielded damage. They both can hold their own once on the battlefield assuming no Erlis or crits from chompers. Not a nerf since DracoRat is still doing its job, not a buff because the number putting DracoRat on the team is not increasing.

  1. IndoR G2

The fear-monger of 1.11. Cautious Strike being buffed to have Precise on top of Dodge, Distract, Cleanse, Speed and 1x damage (I think I forgot something else it does.); made it seem like IndoR G2 was gonna be the plague of arena. Initially, I was brainwashed into thinking so, until I saw that Def Rampage is gone and IndoR G2’s damage is pretty low. Not exactly going to be a must have but definitely good to make to team level and slot a few stray boosts in for clearing epic towers. Its a great dino but limited by Blue being unfarmable and the amount of fuses required being insanely high.

  1. Ardentistmaxima

My new MVP for 1.10. Its what I like in a dino, does its job and nothing can stop it. The change of its Rampage move to DSR was a Definite nerf (get it?). Its still a beast and with no changes to its stats, it will mow down most tyrant tier dinos with neutral to good RNG. It loses to IndoR G2 due to CS, MF and DSR being conveniently in 1 row to hint what to do. It will have trouble with ProceRat and Quetza. IndoR OG might have the edge if 3 dodges are achieved with a ES, DSR, CI move string.

  1. Contextual Teams

Another feature that works well. 2 main teams, 1 for friendlies, 1 for PVP. Easy to do friendlies, easy to go arena and easy to test new dinos in the towers. More teams would be nice but baby steps.

  1. New Creatures

What new creatures? Mammoth is hidden behind an epic scent, Wooly Rhino is hidden in epic/premium incubators, Megacelos is hidden in the code and Badajajabinks is hidden in parks. The hybrids are nice though. Mammotherium is a beast in theory. The 3 already creatables are useable and pretty solid for mid-level game play.

  1. Bug fixes

Same bugs and yet new bugs. 325 bugs gone, 100 bugs added, same 1000 bugs still bugging me. Friendlies seem less buggy, the connection indicator looks okay. Leaderboard bug is funny since the bottom player has 5895 trophies and yet is considered less than 3245 trophies.

  1. Arena

Seems more fun. Not just because DracoRat is now DracoDead but also because the update came after arena reset. So pottering around Gyro Depot, getting fast battles and getting wins without having to spoil someone else’s day. Ludia needs to fix the Nublar Shores issue if it hasn’t been fixed yet and let nature take its course.

  1. Decorations

Its snowing, the supply drops look funny and there is a holiday mood. Looks okay but seems these effects are slowing the game down.

The rest of the update to me was fluff and I cannot comment without stating they were a waste of developer resources making.

I enjoy 1.11. Its a step in the right direction and should be given the praise it deserves. Ludia needs to know when its done right and when its done wrong. Messing with Ardentistmaxima was wrong, IndoR G2 having a utility move that throws everything including the kitchen sink in 1 turn is also wrong.

Multi-fuse good. Contextual Teams good. Less buggy experience good.