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10 Tier 2 out of three Tournaments

This would be a tournament where you battle against another opponent and have to win 2 out of 3 games. This could be boosted or none boosted or specific types or level 26 friendly style. Team strength matchmaking can be used so new players are not getting pitted against high players. It will match to the closest available team.

Each win moves you up one tier.
Each loss moves you back one tier.

Once you hit tier 10 you get the grand prize and the tournament ends for you. You can no longer play or rejoin.

Extra prizes can be given based on the fewest battles it took to get to tier 10 (which would be 20). So get to tier 10 in 20-50 battles= biggest bonus prize; 51 to 80 middle bonus prize; 81 to 110 least bonus prize; over 111 battles or did not make it to tier 10, a small participation prize.

If the programming is too hard to make the 2 out of 3 game set then just do individual single games.

The idea of this kind of tournament is strong team winners get their prizes and are out so lesser teams can get a chance to get to tier 10. The 2 out of three matches gives each player a chance to get a good team of creatures to play. Matchmaking can have players playing more equal teams. More players can get the grand prize. Incubators could be prizes as you hit specific tiers but only get those once.

The biggest thing is this in my mind seems achievable where tournaments we have now, I generally don’t bother with because I don’t get far.

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As frustrating as I am finding the matchmaking, this would be a fun option that could provide some more balanced battles for lower players towards the end

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