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100 boost needed insane

So now we get back all used boosts. I have 1700 of each so if i can upgrade all my team i can only level up 2 levels of hp/attack/speed if i want to level up something my dinos. Before update i had 6/6/6 from max of 10, now can be 2/2/2 from 25. How many years i will need to max one dino? Insane


Exactly… unless they raise how much we get from the daily incubator. But doing that would change the value of boosts and really screw over people who spend money in the past.

in my opinion they should decrease/lower the amount of boosts needed for 1 tier from 100 down to atleast 50, or at the very very least 75

Time for us to uninstall the game lol


You still get 4 each from the daily battle incubator. That’s criminal.


It’s the same for everyone - so the only problem is that you are fixed on your dinos if you start spending boosts. Noone will want to lose half of them to reset a Dino.

Change it so we get all the boosts back for idk 500 dollars and it’s a decent system. The way it is right now will make me deinstall the game within the next month.

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It’s not even worth playing anymore! I just went to battle someone and all of my dinosaurs were complete garbage because the hundreds upon hundreds of stat boosts I had used on them were just gone. I’m deleting the game


Just saying. Instead of what 300 ish to get to the underlined point it now takes 1500… so yeah. Enjoy.

Just occurred to me that all those +4 +4 +4 we earned should be increased and added to our boost balance.

They were included.

The final nail in the coffin. Congratulations on doing everybody over Ludia :man_facepalming:t2::joy:

They didn’t. Still only four. But I did get boosts from a 15 minute incubator.