100 Boosts Per Week - Where to Earn Them

Someone may have posted this or may be on JWA Gamepress site but this is where to earn boosts and how much per week.

It is possible to get 100 of each boosts per week.
The PvP incubotors is kind of a guess as to how many of each you will open during the week so obviously you can get more but want to show getting 100 boosts of each per week is doable and without buying boosts with cash or real money, you can boost one creature up in one stat every week.



Thanks for this my dear friend also how’s the all flock team doing

If you open a subcycle per day (as everyone should if they want to progress) you should have 7 15m incubators, 21 3h incubators and 7 8h incubators per week.

So that’s 7+42+21 so 70 boosts to allocate randomly amongst the 3 stats. If properly implemented it should be roughly 33.33 in each stat instead of the 8 in your table.

You get slightly less than that if one of your subcycles that week has a 12h incubator or a 24h incubator as they do not contain boosts for some reason.

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thanks for the guidance