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100 dinosaurs Mission

I am currently on the mission “have 100 dinosaurs” and currently have exactly 50. I could fill the remaining 50 with the cheap dinosaurs, such as the triceratops, but does that make sense? If I take more expensive ones, it becomes difficult because the cheapest ones cost me 12,000 DNA to complete the mission.

That’s terrible. Something same is the issue with me. “Collect 3 Million coins from pterasaurs at level 31 or higher”. The fact is that I hardltly have 7 of them eligible for it. Not just this, but the battles are horrible (I am talking about battle events, not tournaments) . I had to fight a maxed apatosaurus and I had weak creatures with me. The only one to be used to win was indominus rex, my strongest buddy. I could have used him but, what about the rest of the battles? :joy:

buy triceratops, majungasaurus, alanqua and other common.


How much dna do you have?

I got 12000 DNA

Buying commons is the cheapest method to go forward quickly, you can try to buy rares or super rares as they would be a bit more useful but it would take much longer and you would better of getting to level 50 as soon as possible.

So just fill the paddocks of commons starting with the ones with least hatchtime, if you can, do it during a Jurassic dna discount to save some dna.


This was the longest mission. It took me months to accomplish because I didn’t want to have my hatchery full of dinosaurs I didn’t need. I just let my park grow naturally and eventually I got them. It’s not like you get a super cool prize when you finish the story missions. You get nothing, literally, it makes you keep wondering if you really finished or there’s something else you’re missing, because after the last one it literally disappears, no goodbye, no congrats, no nothing. Feels weird.


If you hatch all of the Dino’s the games gives you, it won’t take long… if you don’t keep evolving everything.

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I started this exact topic when I needed this. It took next to no time to get 50 cheap dinos. There are many missions that take way longer and are much more expensive to rush.
It costs about 6k DNA. I fused the extra common 40s for hybrids. So I would get alanqas, majungos, argentinos and labirynths. But it may not be a rational way.

Completing missions unlocks levels, fast at first. Levels rewards are excellent. Right now I am getting those 6k DNA per level.

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