100 DNA from fusing is possible!


So I really wish I would have recorded it but I just wanted to share this with everyone. I was fusing for Rajakylosaurus today and had maybe 5 attempts at at and I was getting pretty high numbers 40, 50, 70 and on the last attempt which i totally was expecting a 10 to make it short of leveling up i got 100! I’ve never seen 100 from any busing let alone on a legendary. Anyone else ever get 100 from fusing?

Highest DNA fuse amount

Only once on a majundasuchus :joy:


I only got as high as 90. My last good one was 80.


I got 100 once when fusing DNA for my Einiasuchus. Have never got anywhere close to that score again.


i got 90 on my first indoraptor fuse which was crazy. i got 100 only once on stegodeus.


I got 100 fusing spinotahraptor and 90 back to back fusing ankylocodon


Got an 80 once on something I cant remember. Im currently working on trajod and 160/200. Every fuse has been 10 :joy: its rough when parasaur is so rare now where I am so im guessing I need 2000 more para to make it :joy:


Lucky! Highest I got was 50. I thought the max was 60


I wonder just how rare it is to get 100 doesn’t seem like anyone of us lucky enough to have it happen have one ever had it happen once.


metahub says you have a 0.08% to fuse for 100. if my math is correct 1/1250


I got it once ever, Mostly 10s and 20s though…


Got90 before for einiasuchus. That was a real nice surprise.


Well managed a 30 and another 10 to finish traj thank god :joy: so that makes 18 fuses to create it


There is no time to make a screen when this happens, this is a screen when receiving now a 50…

But kept fusing and I received just now a 100 for fusing my Einasuco!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

I was fusing my last Einasauro’s DNA and, seen that was at 1236 of 1250, I was expecting a 10 but… 100 comes! So Now I have 1336/1250 :rofl: and ready to level up my beast!


I have 101 dinosaurs with almost everything to fusing level and a good 12 dinosaurs or so over level 20 and I have never once fused 100.


Had 100 twice; the dino gets very excited :slight_smile:


Just fused suchotator up to get me lvl 12 and going from sucho 12-14 I got 4 80 infuses and 6 50 :joy: meanwhile im still spamming 10 DNA infuses on tragodist. Fml lol


Thats pretty Damn lucky mate :grin:


I can get 6/7 times 10adn in a row


I see where all my luck goes…