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100 free boosts a week?

Out of curiousity did anyone actually manage to get 100 free stat boosts this last week? I know i didn’t and no one in my alliance did so i wanted to confirm with the community by checking.


They’ve just started appearing in 3hr and 8hr incubators so I’m assuming you can now …

We shall see. I was just curious if i missed something or not. Idk why this wouldn’t be implemented upon release.

:rofl::rofl: in a word “Ludia”

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You right though.

This is great, I’ll finally be able to gather attack ones faster. I’ve always had a shortage in those, but tons of speed ones.

You have a 33.33% chance of 2 speed/health/damage in the 3hr and 3 in the 8hr; never quite get my head round the incubator percentages - does that mean you will always get one or could actually get 1 of each … :thinking:

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As you said to me. Ludia, no one knows lol

I don’t know, but I’m waiting for my 3 hour one to reach close to 15 min to see if I can get them.

Boosts in 3hr und 8hr Incubators?
Till this morning I only have boosts in 15min Incubator.


Daily incu: 3*4 boosts per day, it means 84 boosts per week. 15 min incus had 3 boosts in them, too. 25 boosts came from strike tower per week. Everyone should have had the promised 100 free boosts last week.

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Just opened a 3. Gave 2 health boosts. Thats it. So its a 33.3% chance of getting 2 of 1 kind of stat.

So its kind of what i said last week. You get 100 a week or more but theres no guarantee it’ll be of 1 stat. That also means with bad luck you could get a ton of health stats but no damage or speed, vice versa.

They talked about looking at distribution changes im guessing they are tweaking the free earnes boosts and seeing what that look like… maybe nail down what your average f2p player is earning before deciding what and how much to stick in the store.

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Adding rng into the boost system is sure to make the game more balanced.


I have only had 1 of a random type so I’m guessing that’s what the 33.33% means; and yes, no control over what you get …

Suppose its a good way to get people to spend hard cash… got 98 health but finished your dbi and full on incubators. Speed some up till you get those last 2.

Yeah. You’ve only gotten speed boosts out of everything but need 24 more attack to level something? We got you, buy this.

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