100 from one fuse

Half an hour ago I caught a Kentrosaurus, so I could fuse some DNA to Anktryosaurus. I caught 100 from the Kentrodaurus and the hybrid was currently at 70. But I clicked on fuse DNA, nd it gave me 100 points. I was riding the bus and I’m pretty sure every one heard me scream in shock.


Haha i remember when i got one. My son and i were talking, and my wife was fusing for me. She actually yelped lol. Didnt know at the time 100 was possible.

Congrats, thats a solid one to get a 100 on!!!


Everything from 10 to 100 is possible (increment of 10 ofc). I only had 1-2 100 from all my fuses and 4-5 90. Nice one!

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I was always told that 90 was the highest you could get. Which is why I reacted the way I did, I didnt think it was possible.

I dont blame her for yelping. You get used to getting 10’s and 20’s all the time that its like the game is listening to your requests.

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It’s nice when it happens, had my first the other day… nearly dropped my phone!

I had a 100 once. But I was so shocked that I haven’t catched it to screenshot :frowning:

I have been playing for months, now I have 4-5 legendaries, but haven’t been awarded one single 80 or above.

I got a 100 last night (the 2nd ever) on my Stegocera, I was happy but would have wished I got it on my Indoraptor instead of the 10 I got :expressionless:

Well not everything

Had a couple back in the Einosuchus/Majundasuchus days :slight_smile:

I feel your pain brother

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