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100% more on tapjoy?!


Nothing changed so we will get the normal amount you would before the offer? 100% is 2x the normal amount of just the same?


Hoping they haven’t applied it yet - if rewards are doubled there’s one I have my eye on which will give you 8600 bucks for depositing £10 …


Yeah, I’m not seeing any increased numbers either. Maybe you’re meant to do it from their app/site, not in game? It forwards to a link to log in with FB or download their app, but I wasn’t able to do either (some errors).

Would love some clarification on how to take advantage of the offer.


They have either already doubled the figures and it doesn’t show the old and new or they just haven’t applied it yet - from what I remember from last time I looked I think its the latter.


This offer is now active


I have a case open now for 4 days and no response. I have screenshots of all the info and still says case is pending. it was also on the 100%more from 2/2. SOOOOOO maybe they need to stop offering if they are not going to pay up or are too behind to take care of their past open cases. also no way to to escalate the request or to see if anything is being done on the case. if so I havent found any place to see what is going on. And I had to spend real$ to get the reward but it was cheaper than buying in game.