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100% proc rate didn't go off

Using raika heal pants and they didn’t go off when i moved. Not much else needs to be explained, but seriously, fix your proc chances. They seem to go off at a much lower rate from any kind of latency.

Hey Lividfrost, could I ask which armour it was? I believe Guardian’s Boots only has a 75% proc chance at level 10.

Edit: Sorry, I confused Raika with the paladin :grimacing:. That always happens to me. :sweat_smile:. Were you using Tracks of The Wounded Bear?

Yes, i was in arena when this happened. I did move right when my turn came up, so maybe that influenced the misfire.

I’ll inform our team. May I ask if the armour was at the maximum level? :slight_smile:

It was level 7, which is at the maximum for the skill but 1 below total maximum