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“100-Rex-Daily” Club


Press like button here if you have reach the level. Only if u have reach. If not dont press.
Have fun!:tada::rainbow::sparkles::boom:


…and press like button here if still havent reach. :sweat_smile:


I hadn’t noticed that - sweet!


Congrats! I’ve colledted 95 DNA 8 times now and haven’t reached 100 and that’s every day since this mission started! How the heck did you get to 100?? haha. Wonder if it is random?

Do you recall how many times you collected 95? @neodejavu


my alanqa last time end with 120 and update change it to 95 rex on first day. when first date we have rex again? i assume 10x days ago… so maybe 10x after 95

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You’re awesome thanks for that info!

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Get back to me when you’re getting 110 alanqa daily with missions to open 18 incubators


I’ve just reached the 75 club, I feel so small! :joy:


It’s better than looking around town and not finding epics though right? 75 is good! That was my dart sessions at one point in time lol.

Do you recall how many times you collected 70 before it went to 75? I would like to know these numbers for reference to put into a post so anyone can find out easily! You’ll have full credit!


I think I ended alanqa at 110.
Started rex at 90 and am on my first day 95.
Can’t wait to hit that even 100!

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Hey @Hersh, what’s up?

Yeah I ended on 120 Alanqa, started at 95 Monday and still here lol.

You can do it! lol 9 more days!

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Thanks @DinoL3o!
I’m way more consistent with completing these missions now than I was before :sweat_smile:
Haha, I just equate each day as half a tryko fuse.

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I think it may have been 5 days. Can’t be certain but I know it was at least 4 minimum.


Just need to find a kentro and an ankylo for the other part :ok_hand:

(if someone from L5 is hearing us, can you please send us some ankylo now you already have maxed amount of it? Thanks from regular player in whatever-empty-area)


@Hersh, yah, I worked hard for those Alanqa thinking too it would be one of the uniques…busted. Besides I didn’t collect 120 on Alanqa, I did see it would be the next one so I wrapped up the count for 110 for sure. @neodejavu must have collected 120 on Alanqa twice already since I’m 2 days behind! He worked even harder for Alanqa lmao.

@GPx, hey any information is great I’ll put that info in regardless. It’s hard to retro-confirm I know lol. Have to rely on everyone here to get the complete picture to see if there is a pattern as always it would be better if we were just told lol.

Here’s what we have so far (bolded = confirmed by awesome folks):
70 = Collect 4-5 times per @GPx
85 DNA = Collect 3 times
90 DNA = Collect 5 times
95 DNA = Collect 10 times per @neodejavu, thanks!

Lastly @quakeur…lmao I’m sure they will hear you but I don’t think they care enough to help you. We need another anky/kentro event please!


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My stash is almost out. Got enough ankyntro for another 6-7 tryko fuses.

I drove around a bunch of parks and didn’t see any wild epics … this is not a good sign
Need that armored event ASAP :sweat_smile:

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