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1000 Miles of JWA

So I hit 1000 miles of bike riding while playing JWA. I’m getting better and better at darting with my thumb while riding. I only almost had a head-on collision with another biker once… so far.

I beat my record of 900 miles but only because that year I got hit by a car riding my bike to work during my Pokeymon days. It was much easier to toss balls while riding than it is darting dinos.


" :musical_note:…and I would bike 500 miles,
and I would bike 500 more
to be the man who biked a thousands miles
To level-up my Thor. :musical_note:"

But seriously! Wow! Good job!



Wouldn’t it be awesome if the game let us know how far we’d walked while playing it? Maybe rewarded us in some way for hitting exercise milestones?