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10000 damage!? Is this a joke?

Ya that’s what I dealt with my unboosted Erlidominus after cloaking. Come on…ugggh

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One of those crazy things just level 24 with no boosts hit me for 12500

I gived +9000 damage. It looks like Erlido didn’t have such a devastating Nerf

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I think if you can get the revenge cloak off it’s 3 times the damage

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Oooooooof niceee but it won’t kill me tho :sunglasses:

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Just did the same on an overboosted Thor - 9800 damage.

Now that’s REAL revenge! Yup, this guy got added to my team. Between this and the green, now RED chicken plus 2 rats, I can see where this game is going to go… Moneymimus.

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I had one player try for the 3X damage but I got a slow though and knocked it out before they got the chance to fire it off. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So mine did 12500 with a cloaked rampage BEFORE… cant wait to see it now

that’s the problem with erlidom now.

it’s a great damage IF you can stay alive and keep cloak and speed active to use it.

Well i dealt 15k (crit) with my indom, lv 30 grade 4 on atk.