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10029-es hiba


I’ve had this problem. Whenever I open the app, it opens like it’s the first time I’ve downloaded it and gives me account creation/login options. When I try to sign in using my Google Play account, the game thinks about it for a while, then spits out this error:


I had caused I similar issue by mistakenly blocking my Google play app from using cell data, once I opened that up again it went through fine.
Perhaps worth checking, or something similar on yours


Hey MilkBro, if you’re still having a problem, try going into the Google Play store Settings menu, then remove and re-add the Google account you currently have. If you’re still having the same issue when you relaunch the game, you might need to reach out to Google’s customer support for further assistance. Feel free to contact our support team here at as well, and they’ll be happy to try and help.