100mb+ Updates with no description?


I love that Ludia is updating and improving the game so aggressively. I have loved the majority of the changes. But 2 of the updates were very large and came with no explanation, the 100mb update today for example has not announcement or description of what it did or what it was as far as I can tell. Please if you are going to do a huge file size update at least let us know what you’re updating in some sort of changelog or something. I don’t need or want a 5 page description of every detail of an update but a quick few sentence summary of changes would be fantastic. Thanks.


And my game is broken after that update :flushed:


Looks like they reduced the achievements. I now show 11/12. I guess they decided they were giving away too many bucks?

They do like those massive updates tho…I wish there was a prompt for them, before I opened my app on data…at least I have unlimited, those that don’t…well, they won’t be playing for long, or they will make sure to check on Wi-Fi before opening the app elsewhere.


Yeah thankfully I have unlimited data too :rofl:

Don’t understand how they can just eat so much of it without so much as a warning.


if you are talking about the treasure hunts, the limit was already 10, or 25,000 coins per day


I actually don’t mind that the update is 100mb since I also have unlimited mobile data. I just don’t get how you can push a update that large and not say a word about why or what changed? I never would have noticed the achievement change had @GravityKills not mentioned it here.


I’m still showing 31 achievements on mine after the update.


Odd, now I’m showing 21/31 Achievements again. Odd that it was only showing 11/12 an hour ago…

I’m on mobile data, nothing should of changed. unless someone is mucking around on their Production server instead of using a PreProd or Test environment…


Which leads to my question again, what was in this most recent update?


They should have had a clearer announcement inside the game but they did mention what’s in the update on the welcome screen. It’s new spawning event. The JWA twitter account has all the details.


Well, some of you may have unlimited data, but others pay a lot for very little data (yeah Canada!). I like this game very much, but I’ll have to stop playing. It’s August 6th, and this game already took 500mb of data even if it’s not supposed to update anything while on data only (I have all apps blocked from updating on data, yet this seem to bypass this setting) So, as much as I like this game, another update like that, and the choice will be easy. Quit the game forever, or run out of data in the middle of the month (which is a big no-no for me). So Ludia, be very careful because you’ll loose a lot of players where data is really expensive in their country…


@Ned possible that you Can clarify that for us? Or tell The devs we want To know whats in The updates.


They have some kind of minor Bugfixes like this one every week … nothing really changed for us.

And nah, shouldn’t be the Dinosaur of the Day thing, cause Update was in the evening here and I already had the new dinosaurs for some hours before Update. But possible that they added the ones for next week.


The update on wifi tends to only apply to updates pushed through the store, unfortunately the setting is ignored by updates via game loaders.

Which is why companies doing it should take some responsibility for either prompting you so you can exit or continue or have an in app setting to let you set your preference


Well updates aside if you plan on playing games that use the internet outside you should maybe update your data plan.


Why updating your data plan??? I’ve been playing Pokemon Go since the beginning. They had the worst programmers in the world, before they made zillions of dollars and finally hired good ones. Yet, I think I barely spent more than 200mB or 300mB on any months, TOTAL!!! Ludia definitively have much better programmers on hand already, kudo to their great game, AND they are based in Montréal, Canada. They definitively know how much it cost for a data plan here. Heck, the best we can do is 8gig a month, and they cost an arm and a leg!!! There’s no such thing as unlimited here! Heck, a couple who want a phone each, is about the same monthly payment as buying a small car! With barely any data. If they were based in Europe, I would understand such a HUGE programming mistake, but c’mon!!! It’s not that I don’t want to play, it’s the fact that I want to have data on my phone for more than a week and a half… (Don’t even think paying for extra Gigs if you go over the limit, it’s a ripoff here.)


I’ve just googled how much it costs you :weary:
It costs me less than £30… so like 50 Canadian dollars for unlimited minutes, texts and data with an iPhone X in the UK! Your prices are crazy


Thank you for taking the time to check! I was sure you were from the other side of the pound when I saw your reply. No such thing as illimited here. And on top of that, they are using a port that is often blocked on wifi network (instead of using port 80 or something like that). So to play the game, you have to make sure you’re not connected on any possible wifi network that would block that port. So it’s best to turn off wifi on your phone all the time. (you don’t have to do that for Pokemon GO) I found that the hard way because there’s a good spot in the middle of the town where the city hall, the city gym, the city library, etc all had free wifi. When I was getting close to those spot, my phone would connect to that free wifi because I used it a long time ago, and the game would stop working. So basically, you have to play with only the little bit of data we have here. Once again, for a game made in Canada, they missed the boat here!


I think you are a different class. I can’t handle people who will happily buy incubators at £50 then moan when it takes all their data up. Your data is clearly charged at a much higher rate than everyone else so I can see why it causes such an issue there. I wonder why it costs so much!


Did you not get the news on your social media feeds? or the news in game, etc about the new dinos coming today? common sense would let you know that this patch was probably to put those dinos in the game most likely ?.?