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108 Straight Days of Boost Sales - Can You Overmilk a Cow? I Mean, Whale?

i just figured its all those player that bought them boosting their stuff. (unless Ludia actually does this :wink:) Tends to happen almost every boost sale.

just won after about 5+ losses. got a 24 hour inc. so all is well for now.


It’s been tossed around, but nobody has any proof that losing streaks coincide with the timing of boost sales (or quarterly reporting of sales by Lidia to their board).


I’ve noticed losing streaks happen more during boost sales. Since they’re now selling boosts every day it seems, things don’t look good for us F2P players.


Wish they’d sell sanctuary items instead and an option to pay to upgrade your storage for them. I’d use my hard cash on that instead of coin sales.

Sittin on 2.5 million coins and nothing really to level up because they’re all at the levels I want/need them.

I’m thinking of taking all my Legendary creatures that don’t evolve from level 20 to 25. Working on all unique to minimum of 25 goal is 30. Plus a few other small goals.


id pay for increased sanctuary storage. Even pay for sanc items, if they are reasonably priced.

it sucks during events when you can get so many more interact items, but can’t hold as many as food/toys. They either go to waste, or you use them on dinos early/ not exactly the ones you want just to stay on top of them.


And just after the survey too. Better use those boosts wisely or your sale, sale sale will be a nerf, nerf nerf


Hurry up and take my money!!!:roll_eyes::smirk:


I would say there definitely is a coincidence in losses with boost sales. The last day here I’ve faced level 29 thor, 25-27 erlidoms and Indos, etc with my 22-23 avg team in upper aviary. All players had top scores for the season of over 5k with some being like 5500 top scores. Seems fishy when sitting at 48-4900 trophies.


I am noticing that as well. It was smooth sailing for a while getting to 4900 trophies all of a sudden ran into an overboosted Thor that was a level 29 which wiped my team out and sent me back to around 4700 and 4800 trophies. Like clockwork


Same here. went as low as 4700. idk if it was just the boost sale. I did level a creature today.


Sad to think that making your team stronger actually would hurt your success. That’s a backwards game set up if you ask me

But in Ludias mind it’s the perfect storm. You buy boosts you lose. Get angry, tell yourself, I’ll show them, I’ll buy more boosts and rip them to shreds in my next battle. After buying more boosts, you battle and, what the…how can I keep losing. Hmm…ok let me put off my car payment for one week and I’ll buy some more boosts. That should do it. Now my Thor will terrorize like Godzilla in Tokyo. Wait What…how can their Thor be stronger than mine. Hmm… there’s something wrong with my account, has to be it. I’ll email support and they’ll fix it right away then I’ll come back and get some more boosts and show all those players not to mess with me.



When I played I noticed losing streaks on the day of a boost sale, nothing motivates (goads rather) into spending than constantly frustrating fights you cant seem to win…hmm maybe buying boosts will help xD


The threshold to library is crazy. There are way too many people crammed in here. Myself included. Its where you start seeing the truly terrifying creatures that can’t quite make it to Gyro where the hard core p2p people start really showing up.

So we just hover around here taking unintentional turns as “gate keepers” for Aviary.


Sounds pretty profitable to have all the payers stuck in the same place forever spending to try and get out.


Well, I don’t know about everyone else in Library, but I’m f2p. Its a struggle for me to stay up here. I’ve got to be pretty crafty with my play style since I often battle people with much more boosted creatures than mine.

Most focused on Thor. I focused on Magna to counter it and IndoG2. I focus on counters for what I see the most of. So I’ve got a immune heavy team with a few that slow or distract.


I usually use mine before I go out on this events or pull over and use some so I don’t let any go to waste. There’s plenty of dinos in the sanctuaries I’d like to use them on so I get max dna an item but it may not be the one I’m actually working towards but I still need it. Regardless I do want to increase space to hold more.

Same with the 5 minute scent. You can hold 2 but you can get 1 from the free incubator each time so you can waste those too. Same with all scents. I feel like if you win a scent from a tower and are full it should still give it to you because it’s earned.


Yes. When Boost 2.0 came out I got pretty high in library. Actually it’s the first time I got to the library. Over the last 2 weeks or so I’m barely hanging in the library. High this season is 5284 or so. A few weeks or month before it was like 200 trophies more. I think it’s the steady sale of boost and people are getting stronger. I staying between 50xc-52xx trophies lately. Free to play and unboosted.


Good news!!! Another boost sale today!!

Whew, thought I totally missed it yesterday, so was super surprised and elated when there was another. Thank goodness too, because I am barely holding on in lower library.

I am going to show those people with their overboosted Thors! If I use my daughter’s college fund I am certain that I can finally start to pull ahead. I am sure she won’t mind. I mean she will be super impressed if I can get one level higher in my pocket dino game, right?!


Once again oddly suspicious…

Ironically they also abused a level 25 draco swapping in and out 5 times. Even though it didn’t one shot anything it still does enough damage to have others clean it up. So to those who think she is useless now are gravely mistaken