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10k Direct Hits for stage 9 exploration is awful

My alliance is very active, and it took FOREVER to get this mission done. We’re barely gonna make rank 10 because it slowed us down so much. Can we please alter it a little bit?

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Haha funny. We barely get rank 1…

When I saw how much they increased the directs I knew it was an intentional mistake (gross miscalculation) on their part. I know some tried to show that the mission totals on average were the same but not when you increase one of the toughest 90%.

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I’m with ya. This direct hits mission is ridiculous. Esp when the rewards imo aren’t worth it. 700+ Toujiangosaurus, which equates to ONE power up is not worth what it takes. We’ve cried for too long about how this game should be fun, not feel like an endless chore

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2 hours 47 min remaining, rank 10. Close!
Now 350 more battles for rank 9 defense…

Exploration rank 9 is probably wrong.

10,000 direct hits
10,000 darts fired

I believe that the direct hits should be AT LEAST half of darts fired. It should not be the same amount. It’s never been the same amount.

We beat it and hit rank 10 both weeks exploration but it does seem a bit much.

In defense we are short some 200 battles. I’d contributed more to battles if I’d known we would’ve got all the incubators opened this rank 8. So I woke up early and for over the last hour I’ve battled campaign level 72 over and over. We won’t get it in time. Not enough on so I finally gave up.