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10k LP pack reward data

I was curious what the distribution of rewards for these packs were like for my game and my daughters game so i counted things up and here is what we got.

Totals both games - 90 10k packs opened
Jurassics - 47
Cenozoic - 15
Aquatics - 28

My game - 49 10k LP packs opened

Jurassics - 27 total
       Baryonyx - 2
       Prestosuchus - 4
       Eudimorphodon - 1
       Apatosaurus - 3
       Tanycolagreus - 4
       Pterodactylus - 3
       Eolambia - 1
       Mastodonsaurus - 7 
       Concavenator - 2

Cenozoic - 8 total
       Hyaenodon - 3
       Brontotherium - 3
       Thylacosmilus - 2
       Panochthus - 0 

Aquatics - 14 total
       Great Orthocone - 4
       Hainosaurus - 1
       Orthacanthus - 2
       Tylosaurus - 2
       Henodus - 5

Daughters game - 41 10k LP packs opened

Jurassics - 20 total
       Baryonyx - 1
       Prestosuchus - 4
       Eudimorphodon - 0
       Apatosaurus - 4
       Tanycolagreus - 1
       Pterodactylus - 4
       Eolambia - 4
       Mastodonsaurus - 1
       Concavenator - 1

Cenozoic - 7 total
       Hyaenodon - 2
       Brontotherium - 1
       Thylacosmilus - 2
       Panochthus - 2

Aquatics - 14 total
       Great Orthocone - 3
       Hainosaurus - 4
       Orthacanthus - 1
       Tylosaurus - 4
       Henodus - 2

Combined numbers of both games - 90 10k packs opened total

Jurassics - 47 total
       Baryonyx - 3
       Prestosuchus - 8
       Eudimorphodon - 1
       Apatosaurus - 7
       Tanycolagreus - 5
       Pterodactylus - 7
       Eolambia - 5
       Mastodonsaurus - 8
       Concavenator - 3

Cenozoic - 15 total
       Hyaenodon - 5
       Brontotherium - 4
       Thylacosmilus - 4
       Panochthus - 2

Aquatics - 28 total
       Great Orthocone - 7
       Hainosaurus - 5
       Orthacanthus - 3
       Tylosaurus - 6
       Henodus - 7

There seems to be some consistency with some of the prize distributions but with only 2 accounts for data it’s hard to say for sure.


I have no idea what happened with the format and the white back ground where I copy and pasted stuff. Ill try and edit and fix it. Strange. Whatever, it is what it is, done is done.


Great idea! I did the same count a couple of months ago, my main difficulty was cleaning the data since as a VIP member I have other means to obtain vips (not just via card packs) and I tried to recall the types and nr of creatures I got via th offer or prize drop.
I could type in that info if you think it could be relevant data but since then I did so many th trades that I have really no means to count the creatures I actually got via 10k packs.


entirely up to you, I’m always curious to see what other players have and have been receiving.

Probably if we collect enough data we will see that the game might have a bias towards certain types when it comes to specific accounts but the chances will most likely even out eventually on the whole.
Some players complain about barely receiving jurassics while I found that mine are over represented: at the time of collecting the data 62% of my vip creatures were jurassics (should have been around 49.5% before acrocantho was demoted). But the data I managed to collect was relatively low, so high chance for statistical mistakes.


Ironically the Jurassic you got the least of was the one I got the MOST of when I was a newer player… Eudimorphodon. By a considerable margin too. While Prestosuchus has been my most desired… but the one I still have the least of. It’s been awhile now that I more often do 11K trades in the TH to get ones I specifically want vs. using the 10K packs so my numbers now wouldn’t be very accurate. But I do remember for a long time being very frustrated at not getting any Henodus and having a real dearth of reefs in my aquatic lineups… and getting Tylos in almost every other pack that I opened! I still have considerably more Tylos than other aquatic VIPs. Hyaenodon still my rarest ceno.

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No of 10k VIPs obtained via 10k packs: 59

Jurassics Total no. 34

Pterodactylus 6

Apatosaurus 5

Tanycolagreus 2

Baryonyx 4

Eolambia 5

Prestosuchus 3

Mastodonsaurus 1

Concavenator 4

Eudimorphodon 4

Aquatics Total no 12

Tylosaurus 0

Giant Orthocone 4

Henodus 4

Hainosaurus 3

Orthacantus 1

Cenozoics Total no 13

Brontotherium 2

Hyaenodon 4

Panochtus 2

Thylacosmilus 5

So I realised that I originally made the mistake of adding the number of creatures I obtained via other means too, so of course my jurassics were over represented since at the time I mostly bought them when I had the chance. Now I bet my ceno vips would be the ones over represented as I take all 11k lp trades for them, also many dna to ceno trades.

But when it comes to the number of creatures I strictly got via chance the numbers are already more even. Jurassics are still a bit over represented but the data contains less than 60 creatures altoghether so my stat teachers would kill me reading all this.
I hope what I typed makes sense I don’t actually know the ‘business’ language for these expressions being Eastern European.

Edit: Oh boy, I keep working on the format but it doesn’t seem to even want to consider adding my Enters, so sorry abou that. :frowning:

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I remember reading your complaints and I kept stucking my tongue out at you. :smiley: You received half the Tylos I should have received! After nearly 14 months of playing I have exactly 0 tylos. But I am extremely proud of my two hainos that I only recently got (only in the past let’s say… 4 months).

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Here is what I got over the years plus a number of lower levels.


As non VIP, for 32 packs I’ve got this are what I have obtained, im pretty happy with what I’ve got till now.

3 concavernators
2 pterodactylus
5 bayronyx
5 eudimirohodon
2 apatosaurus
1 eloambia
2 mastodonsaurus

2 bronotherium
2 hyaendon
2 panochthus
1 thylacosmilus

3 tylosaurus
2 hainosaurus

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I imagine the distribution of individual creatures would be fairly balanced over a large sample set.

Yeah the frequency that I was getting Tylos was absolutely driving me crazy! I do appreciate all the ones I have but I still have so many more than anything else and being a glass cannon having the shortest CD that I’ll probably never get into a situation where I’m needing a Tylo to become available.

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It’s the same with hainosaurs for me.

@Tommi tusoteuthis looks amazing at level 40, care to take a pic of that guy?

Say cheese! :grinning:


Famed Professor Tommi has been titled the Photographer of the Decade


I’m a relatively new player and I’ve opened only 4 so far.

  1. Concavenator
  2. Eudimorphodon
  3. Brontotherium
  4. Thylacosmilus

Cool you got 2 jurassic in 4 packs. I didn’t got my first till my 5th one.


It’s interesting that a few people have received several Eudimorphodon but that thing is practically non existent on both my game and my daughters. I assume eventually I’ll get like 3 or so in a row haha

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I agree that Eudimorphodon is the rarest 10k Jurassic VIP. From each other I have three or more lvl 40s.

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Wow, that’s real bad luck here considering there are only 4 cenozoics in the packs, and here I was complaining about 2nd cenozoic, I hoped I’d get a herbivore vip, I lack good herbivores and another jurassic vip would balance out my line-up (I feel like that rajastega kinda pumped my ferocity up a bit) but perhaps ankylodocus and stegoceratops will fix that

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