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10k or 20k packs?


Consensus seems to be buy the 10k packs with Loyalty Points. Anyone buy the 20k packs? Seems to me that 2 of the same Jurassic to get a level 20 is better than potentially 4 different ones. And could be all non Jurassic. I’ve opened 5 10k packs with 4 Jurassic (all different) and one aquatic. Happy with the results but I have 48k now and thinking spending 40k to get a guaranteed level 20 Jurassic something sounds better as the game gets more difficult.


The 20K packs offer much better prizes and a guaranteed creature. The other prizes are not insignificant within themselves. For example, 20K pack could have up to 1,500 dino bucks versus 300 for the 10K.

If your goal is a level 20, you might be better off with 20K packs. Also, the one right now I think is 30K for the mammoth.

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Good point on the prizes. I am surprised I haven’t found others saying get 20k packs. Especially with all the posts about the matchups in the game getting much more difficult. Amphibians are my weakest so if a 20k pack with amphibian shows up getting 2 of those would be big for me. Especially considering how many strong carnivores there are. I assume Mastodonsaurus better than Prestosuchus? Or considering the 20k packs may take awhile to get exactly what I want maybe I take whichever one shows up first.


I personally spend my VIP points on the lottery. And if I do I get the 10k pack because any creature from there improves my team no matter what area. And eventually I will get level 20s of them while improve my overall depth of different areas.


I must be missing something, whats the lottery?


The lottery is the weekly prize drop, I think.

I, too, am missing something. Do you get two cards in the 20k packs? I’m only seeing one. I’d rather get one random creature with 10k than one fixed creature for 20k. Yes, the DNA/gold/dinobucks rewards are way more, but for me, that’s not enough to warrant getting half the creatures I otherwise would. What am I not seeing in the 20k packs that others are?

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That was my guess but I don’t see how you spend loyalty points on that. Right now its a 30k, most of the time its a 20k. I see what you mean but advancing in the game with multiple level 10s only do so much if you are going up against strong teams.


I don’t follow you, @blazerguy. You get a level 1 Dino whether you buy a 20k pack or a 10k pack. I don’t see the advantage of the 20k pack except that you know what you are getting. You just get the creature, feed it, and when you get another card, level it up to 10 and fuse for a level 20. That’s the process whether you have a 20k creature or a 10k creature. What am I missing?

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Facts man, level 10s accumulate then you evolve them to 20s and 30s @blazerguy

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I think we are having different thought processes on this. The 20K or currently 30K packs give you a known creature, plus better prizes. If you are looking to make a level 20 of that creature, rapidly, then it may make sense. Where those two creatures from two 10K packs are likely not going to be the same. So at times, one could justify a 20K pack to push a level 20 they need quickly.

Personally, I mostly do the 10K’s but if there was a 20K pack for a creature I needed, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up that creature.


I agree, I personally go 10k when I do packs considering I value loyalty points highly and i personally wouldnt spend 30k points of it on a creature. I’m also in a position where almost every loyalty creature is either new or makes a level 20 or a level 30 for me so the cheaper value for a random one is better and I’d suggest that to people who are in my position.

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99% sure it’s only one creature in the 30k pack like you said


That makes sense. I guess my thinking is I may never get to that point where I will have all 16 of those but with enough time I may. And its not like I cant beat a mission and need one strong dino right now. So with the long term in mind I agree the 10k is better. So I can see why most agree the 10k. I guess it would have to be a specific circumstance for the 20k to be better. Also aquatic and cenzoic would be a bummer to get but not useless.


I’m with @Freshprince and @Potato, though players are always free to spend their points however they wish. I can accumulate about 15k loyalty points a week. I’d sooner get three random creatures than one Woolly Mammoth, or two random creatures than one certain creature, but others may differ. I’ve got a pretty solid roster from the 10k creatures: for Cenozoic, a level 30 Brontotherium (savannah), a level 20 Thylacosmilus and another level 10 Thylacosmilus (snow), a level 20 and a level 10 Hyaenodon (cavern); for aquatic, a level 20 and a level 10 Henodus (reef), a level 20 Orthacanthus (cave), a level 20 Hainosaurus (surface); for Jurassic, countless good level 20 and 30 creatures. It doesn’t take long to get those level 10s leveled up.

It’s all about player preference, and how much you play. If you can earn points fast, the random might be better; if you don’t accumulate them as fast, you might save them up for certain creatures.

Sorry for all the confusion. The talk about getting level 20s confused me. Thanks for clarifying.

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Thanks for everyone’s inputs. I haven’t tracked how fast I accumulate loyalty points but since I don’t need one specific right now ill do the 10k packs. Random will be more exciting anyway, haha

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Just did one 10k and got baronyx which I already had. You guy’s are smarter than me, haha.


Very nice, and congrats. My Baryonyx is all the way up to level 30 (like I said, I get loyalty points fairly fast from PvP). I just counted, and there are 16 different creatures in the 10k pack: at least one of each class (two herbivores, Apatosaurus and Eolambia; 3 carnivores, Baryonyx, Tanycolagreus, and Concavenator; and two amphibians, Prestosuchus and Mastodonsaurus; two surface, Hainosaurus and Tylosaurus; two pterosaurs, Pterodactylus and Eudimorphodon). So if you accumulate points fast enough, statistically speaking, you should get some tough level 20 or 30 creatures before long that you can use in tournaments and PvE events with fairly short cooldown times (3-5 hours).

My Baryonyx and Brontotherium are level 30; most of the others are level 20, though I haven’t unlocked Pterodactylus yet.

The diversity of these creatures is pretty good, too. Concavenator is a glass cannon (low health, high damage), but Tanycolagreus is a carnivore meat shield (decent attack, but loads of health). Apatosaurus is a meat shield (weak attack, gobs of health), but Eolambia is well-balanced for both attack and health.

No matter what pack you end up spending your points on, they’re good creatures, and folks should get what they want: specific creatures and higher currency payouts with the 20ks, or random creatures and lower payouts with the 10k.

PS: @blazerguy, we’re not smarter than you. It’s all a matter of opinion and showing each other different approaches and tactics. I learned some very helpful combat strategies from @Sionsith and others on this forum.


Just did the 2nd 10k today and got Pterodactylus, already had one so getting very lucky! Working out so far

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Pterodactylus is super fun to use, wrecks amphibions.


Ditto to just about everything folks have said above, it has been a while where I have been able to read a thread were I wanted to answer but saw so many posts below that already had the answers which made for an interesting read.

I do the 10K packs for most of the reasons that have been given above but really because any of those creatures helps my bench for tournamanets or PvP, as I have stated in other posts these creatures are my go to based on the accelerated cool down timers, in my opinion you can’t have to many VIP creatures because of this. There is only one VIP creature that has alluded me since I have started and that is the Plotosaurus:

This creature is no longer part of the 10K pack so my only chances would be the diamond prize on the lottery wheel, the diamond pack on that same wheel, a special trade in the harbor, a 20K pack, or a 50K pack. If it is ever offered in the 20K or 50K I will spend the VIP points since it will guarantee the creature, I like to check off all the badges and this is one I can’t complete right now.

I still get one 10K pack a week and one diamond prize a week to continue to build my bench of VIP creatures. But I keep a reserve of VIP points 100,000 right now so that if something is offered as a special purchase I have the ability too, this is the same reason I try to keep 15k plus of Dino bucks on hand as well.

For instance Proceratosaurus was originally only offered in the 50K pack around 3-4 months ago, might have been longer, and has not made its way into the 10K pack yet, and you can’t win it in the lottery diamond prize wheel. It’s like it was offered and then dropped out of the game with no way to acquire it. Then about a month or so ago I got lucky and a trade in the trade harbor popped up where it was 11k dinobucks for one and I had the means to take that deal. Which allowed me to complete the badge that had it as a requirement.

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