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10th Time The Charm

I had mentioned a while back that I would quit Solid Gold Packs ,as I had opened 9 Solid Gold Packs,prior to my 10th one, and not even a single Jurassic,but I decided to give the Solid Gold Packs another chance,and they did not fail me this time,I got my most favourite VIP creature,behold The Prestosuchus!!


That’s why I always tell “Luck fails once, twice, or maybe 9 times , but not always”. Congrats xD

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It failed me 9 times!!!

Check the edit!! :joy:

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Opened one yesterday and got an Eolambia. I would honestly trade 2 jurassic VIPs for a Presto.


I am halfway there to my 10th vip pack, and hoping it would give my 6th vip

Maybe once,maybe twice,maybe thrice changed to maybe 9 times in your edit. Edit exposed!!

Yea man… :joy::joy::joy:

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I need Pterosaurs the most rn. Only have 2 good ones.

Detention for the whole day!

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I have 1 Suchoripterus cooking up in the hatchery.

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My pteosaurs lineup is ok… But what I need to concentrate are amphibians, they are really very Important in tournaments, I realised it

Yeah I’m hoping next CoT is Acanthostega. Might get him to lvl 21. Blocking whole hatchery for a week sounds nice.

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My hatchery is blocked for whole week with freaking herbivores…!

Pterosaurs are more valuable than Amphibians,I will build some level 30 Microposaurs for my Amphibious needs,Microposaurus is very cheap and cost effective,short cooldown time and a wonderful hybrid.

Segnosaurus level 20 has over 900 health and over 500 attack.

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Not really…amphibians are technically the best since there are so many carnivores in game.

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3 Pteranodons left to max my Pteranodon, 2 times level 30 does just as well.

Pterosaurs Counter amphibians and perform well against carnivores.

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There are not a lot of amphibians in the game. Carnivores do well against carnivores too. I could say amphibians are the best because they counter carnivores and do well against herbivores.