11/11 Really!?!?

Not wanting to be a Karen here but I’ve got to wonder at the total tone deafness of having an 11/11 badge and mini theme being Singles day on November 11th. When 11/11 means something really important to a huge part of the world.
People are changing their badges thinking Lydia is honouring fallen soldiers. Gotta say I’m disappointed in the lack of tact.


They gotta cater to that huge Chinese market… :confused:

Considering Ludia are a Canadian company, I would have liked to have seen the badge actually represent remembrance day.


So true ….

I saw the badge, got excited, switched my icon…
Then noticed the roses and looked up what it was actually supposed to be…
And quickly switched it back before anyone in my alliance began inquiries about my wife and I.
I was more amused than upset though.


Just gonna put this in here

Still do it thought,you get a cool para lux emote…
Q para lux with hp around it,pretty cool


So? It’s also Single’s Day. Don’t be overly sensitive.


The game isn’t available in Chinese app stores. And even if you have the app, you need a VPN to log in, but the map is blank.

I guess they only put holidays in it that are commercially exploited to the max.
No idea why veterans should have anything to do with dinosaurs though… At least dinosaurs can be single.


It has a ParaLux emote.

So they do remember Single’s day…. (Honestly never heard of it) but yet Day light savings……… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Day light savings are different from putting in a inc and strike into the game.

Yeah but it’s been around way longer than world single day :joy:

I live in Canada and I used the badge in the arena thinking it was honouring Remembrance Day, where we remember the brave souls who fought and died to ensure we have the freedom to play our mobile games.

How insensitive for Ludia as a company to not realize their folly. Shows you where this company’s priorities really lie.

Thank goodness for the real heroes who came before us. We will never forget your sacrifice.


About 1/17 of the world celebrates this holiday. I think we should personally appreciate the veterans in our life’s. I don’t think that we should force Lydia to make a special event. I honestly think that the only reason that we have singles day ingame is to celebrate veterans day without it being officially veterans day.

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