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11 supply drops in range... ZERO event supply drop in range!

Sorry just the usual rant. It will never change.


Same here , whatever the the mechanism for these supply drops is supposed to be , it’s not working it’s very poorly distributed imo.


Out of nowhere, I now have 12 supply drops in range and the new one that appeared is an event supply drop. This happened around 11:30 UTC which is odd as usually the supply drops are changing at reset (15:00 UTC) every time there is a new event (common, rare, epic, legendary, unique). Does anyone have figured out the mechanic Ludia is using?

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11 supply drops in range and 1 event supply drop in range on Monday and Tuesday for the common garbage.

Of course, today for the rare creatures I have ZERO event supply drops and 12 supply drops… On top of it, I have not managed to collect all my boosts before reset, because… well with 1 event supply drop you need 4 hours and 30 minutes to get them if you get a boost every single time you spin said event supply drop…

When will we have any feedback regarding supply drops and event supply drops distribution? @Ned

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Same here, 1 green from monday to wednesday and NONE now. This needs some attention @Ned please

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So after, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with ZERO event supply drop, today after reset, I now have 11 supply drops and ONE event supply drops. I now have 9 hours to collect my 18 boosts… Thanks Ludia!

Still waiting for any feedback regarding the distribution of supply drops and event supply drops (apart from the POI nonsense). @Ned

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Hey DPG members, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having some issues locating certain Supply Drops or Strike events on the map. I don’t have a detailed update from our team at the moment, but I believe they’re still actively working behind the scene to try and balance out the distributions for all our players.

I’ll be sure to continue forwarding your feedback regarding this back to our team, however!

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Thanks for the feedback.

On Sunday before the reset, the sole event supply drop I had disappeared. Given it was outside of the daily reset, I assume it’s the provider of POIs that changed their location.

Today at reset, I now have 9 supply drops and 2 event supply drops for the common creatures. Better than what I had last week but still far from the ratio that should be two thirds of supply drops and one third of event supply drops.

I’ll keep monitoring and updating.

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Today for the rare event, I have 10 supply drops and 1 event supply drop. Still far from 2/3 1/3 but at least I’ll collect my free boosts and sanctuary resources.

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11 supply drops, none event supply drops!

They are really working on that @Ned

Because Ludia, we know…

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Today for the epic event, I have 7 supply drops and 4 event supply drops in range. I am missing the speed stat strike but that is to be expected with 7 supply drops and 4 strike towers.

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Again 11 supply drops, not even one event supply drops.

Wow, they really know how to do their job…

As usual, because Ludia…

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After having, 7 supply drops, 2 event supply drops and 2 treasure chests for the common creatures event.

Of course, I now have 8 supply drops, 1 event supply drops and 2 treasure chests for the rare creatures event.

On top of it, the treasure chests are a joke. I only get 125 or 250 coins out of it every hour. I am not going to get the 25k coins per day for sure!

So today for the epic creatures event, I have 9 supply drops, 1 event supply drops and 1 treasure chest. I would have preferred even a supply drop over this joke of a treasure chest that gives 125 or 250 coins every hour!

I used to have 9 supply drops within range (of my house) then one day for absolutely no reason it was slashed to 5 so means I’m usually lucky if I get 1 event supply drop

Given the poor ratio, they use you must get an event supply drop once in a blue moon.

Of course, today for the unique creature event I have ZERO event supply drop, 10 supply drops and 1 useless treasure chest.

Because Ludia…

Still waiting for an ETA on applying a uniform distribution to a set of points. I can send some references to your developers if needed. @Ned

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Today for the common creatures event, I have 7 supply drops and 4 event supply drops. The ratio is good for once.

They need to be able to give us a Long range drone Boost, maybe 1-3× a day, super long range. Maybe a Radius Extender boost. A permanent upgrade purchase like 100 ft- 300- 500- 1000ft… if they gave us stuff like that and an Area Extended Search drone to reveal those pop up we can’t see. Maybe an Arrow to direct the drone in a direction like 10k FT n a Super Drone to reach that Distance… so much simplicity but it seems they lack the capacity to program something like that?
I’m pay to play, I’d like to buy boosts or earn boosts like that or permanent radius upgrades as usually Dinos pop up right out of my zone n I gotta get dressed at 1am just to go 30-100 ft just to get it :frowning:
Need lots of people to jump at suggestions like this!!!

9 supply drops and zero event supply drops. Before the update had 2, then lost one. Today ZERO… Good ratio right?

Because… ludia… We know

After all they can update the map, otherwise yesterday no change should have been made… Or at least rotate drops on a daily basis.