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11 supply drops in range... ZERO event supply drop in range!

I have 10 normal, 3 event, and 3/4 towers in range today. Not bad.

10 SDs, 2 ESDs and 4 out of 4 strike towers in range for me today. Not great but not impossible to get the 9 attempts on Sonorasaurus.

Very similar for me: 11 regular drops, 2 event, and 4/4 towers.

Sundays are always terrible. I suspect treasure chests are replacing green drops, which they really shouldn’t be. You want to replace something, replace those orange drops that don’t have a strike tower attached. Those are near-useless.

Anyway. I have 9 normal drops, 3 treasure chests, 1 event drop. I can reach all the strikes.


Same here but worse.

10 SDs, O ESDs, 2 coin chases and 4 out of 4 strike towers in range for me today. There are only a handful of ESD on my map out of 100-150 POIs, so locally it seems there is an issue. I still think on Sundays with the treasure chase it should be 50% SDs, 25% ESDs and 25% coin chases.


Yeah, I only see five green drops on my entire map. I think the treasure chests mess everything up. I’m annoyed every time I see them on the event calendar.


I feel like they don’t care and will never fix this. @Ned

I’m sorry if the spawn points on your map is still not up to expectation. @MrDinoMan
Please rest assured that our team is still actively gathering player’s feedback on this to try and make improvements.

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Ha! Ya, I’m sure a fix is just around the corner. :joy:

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10 SDs, 2 ESDs and 3 out of 3 strike towers in range for me today. Not great, not horrible.

It’s mostly on days with treasure chests. They seem to take the place of green drops. Sundays are always bad.

Has the team ever explained why the orange/normal drops without a strike tower attached even exist? (I had three of those in my radius yesterday.) Seems like it’d be easier to replace those with the treasure chests, or to not have any orange drops without an attached strike tower at all.

Today is back to being good now that the chests are gone. Eight regular drops, five event, all strikes in range.

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10 SDs, 2 ESDs and 4 out of 4 strike towers in range for me today. That’s 3 days in a row where it’s passable.

I have 7 normal, 6 event, all strikes in range today!

7 SDs, 5 ESDs and 3 strike towers in range for me today.

Almost the same as yesterday for me! I have 7 normal, 6 event, 3/4 strikes in range.

Forgot this until now! Today I have 9 normal, 4 event, 4/4 strikes in range. Been a good week!

9 SDs, 3 ESDs and 3 out of 4 strike towers in range 2 days in a row for me. Not bad.

I think my theory was verified again today… strike towers are covering up event spawn drops and making them scarce. These images are both from after the drops reset today (notice other spawn placement and drop legendary choices available). After app reset the event drops are replaced by strike towers.

@Ned Have developers given any feedback whether removing strike towers completely after completion would be possible? In this instance if strike towers went away after completion (instead of just fading out) then I would get my snake choices back. Thanks for any insight!


9 normal, 4 event, 4/4 strikes in range for me again today.

7 SDs, 5 ESDs and 3/4 strike towers in range yesterday for the epic creatures.

6 SDs, 3 ESDs, 3 coin chases and 3/3 strike towers in range today. Perfect.