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11 supply drops in range... ZERO event supply drop in range!

Yesterday I had all the strikes in range, which was great, but only one green supply drop (out of 12). Today I have all but one of the towers in range (the stat strike is just outside my range, so no big deal) and three greens. This is pretty good!

Yesterday for the epic creatures event I had 7 supply drops and 5 event supply drops. Strangely today after reset I have 10 supply drops and 2 event supply drops. Normally, the distribution of supply drops and event supply drops only changes when the events are changing from common creatures to rare creatures, then epic creatures, etc… Has this been changed? @Ned

Thursday and Friday were great – three green drops in range each day, plus all the different towers except one in range (and the missing one was just outside my circle, so I only had to walk outside of my yard). Today, though, I have all the towers in range but am back to a single green drop.

Today for the legendary creatures event, I have 5 supply drops and 7 event supply drops in range. It seems there are more event supply drops than usual. We have only 3 attempts, so there is no need for so many event supply drops. 2/3 of supply drops and 1/3 of event supply drops should always be a good ratio.

Same as last weekend, more green drops when we have the fewest attempts! I have six greens in range today (seven if my GPS shifts a little), five regular. I have all the strikes in range, though, so it’s okay.

Today for the common creatures event, I have 10 supply drops and 2 event supply drops in range.

Two green drops here too (out of 11, or 12 if the GPS shifts a tiny bit), and all four strikes in range. No complaints!