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110% armor is possible

Well I’ve always asked this question but if the carbo which at 60%armor why when she uses dig in taunt not incivility because it is above 100% armor and 110% armor?

I’m confused what the actual question is.

Also technically it doesn’t have 110% armour just because of a 50% shield.


shields blocks 50% of the attack, and that already lowered attack is reduced by 60% making it very small amounts of damage unless its a bleed rend armor or defense shattering move, so 110 isn’t exactly possible and probably never should be because it would destroy cunnings even more

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Ah ok I understand the question now. Basically you don’t add the two together. You take it in steps. So for example, if you have 60% armour and 50% shield and opponent attack 1500, then it works like this:

60% Armour will reduce 1500 to 600.

50% shield will reduce 600 to 300.

I believe that is how it works.


yep seems pretty good

GPx is right you first take the 60% armor off so you have 40% then take 50% off 40% so that’s 20% of total attack

1/5 of 1500 = 300


Carbonemys has 60% armor. Lets say the other creature has 1500 attack. That means they will do 600 damage. With 50% shield on carbonemys they will do 300 attack

oh ok thanks everyone