12/20 VIP coin event

There’s a VIP coin event on the weekly schedule, but it hasn’t dropped yet. Can we expect it to still happen?

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@Keith Or the gem event scheduled for 12/21 and 12/22?

Hi Jack, I will check with the team.

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So the events are have now all come up at the same time, and now it’s the error 233 message that locks us out. I would rather not have the gem and coin events, if it ends up that we cannot play the guild raid. Especially seeing as how you cancelled it last month all together. Or if it means we go back into this 233 error problem for the whole week of Christmas when we actually have time to play.

Please fix this :pray:

Same here - I just tried accessing the Events tab for the first time, now I’m 233’d.

I hope JamCity takes over soon …

Thanks, Keith.

@keith Is anyone in today? The heroic event is also missing.

Yes get the heroic event back please

Hi all, the team is off until January 3rd, so responses will be slower. apologies for the event not being there.

I hesitate posting in response to this subject because I expect to be moderated or blocked. And I hate adding yet another complaint that yields no positive results. But the Ludia team treats Warriors of Waterdeep like a hobby, not a business. I’ve said it before, when things go wrong at my job, it is all hands on deck regardless of the time of day or day of the week. It’s frankly insulting to get pop ups for an event that never took place.