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12,900. Twelve-thousand, nine-hundred. That's the damage an Erlidom just threw-down on me

L28, T5 Attack. That is my new record - beats the old record of 11,300. I mean, ya can only just laugh at that.

Nice job, Ludia, you’ve created an arcade mode for a subset of players. {rolls eyes}


Assuming thats crit. Mine crits over 15k :sweat_smile:


I’ve heard flex seal works on a lot of damage. Tried it?

Man that IS a lotta damage…

Indeed! It’s close to all of the damages.

Well, close enough. L30 T10 would be 16,400.

Put another way, 12.9K is 3.8x a L30 Indo’s DSR without crit.

Dios mio. 15K

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Wowzers, that is a lot of damage… Is that even necessary after a point? Or is it still a matter of boosting base damage to its utmost limits to “cinch” kills? :sweat_smile:


Mine crits 11k at level 24 :shushing_face:

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Well, yanno, nothing exceeds like excess, and all that. I don’t blame players for boosting; I’d be a fun number if it wasn’t representative of a larger problem with the game. And, given that Erlidom can’t break shields or pierce armor, an argument can be made that it is “useful” in many situations, e.g., with Stegodeus. I’ve boosted my L29 Stegod to 8,626, an absurd figure that I’m more embarrassed about than proud of. Erlidom would, of course, land 9,030 with just armor, but just 4,015 with shields up. It’s not how every matchup works, but it’s not exactly an edge case, either.

And LOL at that meme.



OH, and @John, when you do talk to the rest of the team, please add my +1 to the chorus of dedicated players who otherwise love this game but really, really hate the way boosts and points awards have been implemented. I know - and I’ve been quite vocal about this, to the point of emailing praise to Ludia support - that your team is capable of big, bold, impressive things, but you’ve pooped the bed with 1.7. Honestly, it’s the equity built with smart, thoughtful, and beneficial changes in 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6, along with the refreshing honesty (e.g. things like Monomimus, and the “Designer’s Note” that “rend” is a test), that keep me around, because I hope for THAT Ludia to show up again. Friday’s boost reversion was so impressive, until it was clear that boost implementation was still imbalanced. Boosts are a neat idea that should exist, but not like this. And modifications to the Elo rating were sorely needed, but again, not like this.

I’m here for now, but if there isn’t something bold to fix boosts and trophy calcs, I’m leaving for good, along with the three VIP accounts in this household.


Got ya covered.

What is the Crit on that bad boy again?


Bahaha… but sadly, Thor will find a way to crit that.