12 battles with kids!

Ok 12 battles is no problem on normal day to day life . but as things are now… kids at home please please please stop trying to make things harder

12 battles is really not that much. You can stay home for them. Hunting needed to be addressed though, and for the most part, was.

Do you have kids???

Have a bad day?

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I have 1 kid. He does my tower battling for me. Also watches me do arena and tournament battles. Its not hard just quite annoying when the kid tries to act smart and critique your choices.

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A trick I do when I’m in a SEVERE time crunch is to turn the sound on max, hit the battle button, and set the phone down somewhere close. When I hear the “MUUUAAAA!” sound signaling a battle start, I’ll run over and begin mashing buttons.
Sometimes I even win.

That’s actually awesome. LOL

My son has an account too. We just battle each other to get our 12 in, or more if needed for alliance missions…

That escalated quickly…

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