12 Creature Teams

I want to keep this idea alive. This would be another way to lessen the chance of Rats and Thorns in every match and make battling in the higher arenas have much more variety.

12 creature teams could be something that starts at player level 10. This might get players to more evenly distribute boosts.

This may also slow progression a bit as people get their teams up to 20 and bring some $$$ to Ludia as players will need more coins to bring more creatures up for their teams.

I don’t see the lack of variety so much in the mid levels with my 2nd account but I got sick of playing the same 8 dino’s against a very small amount of specific dinos in the mid 20 level range.


I’m already fighting the same 12 dinos.

With a 12 dinosaur team it would make seeing rat in every match less likely, which is definitely a plus.


Once again I vote yes.
It’s s win-win situation. Ludia makes more money (from purchases for coins and boosts) and players get more variety.


This would also give people a chance to play favorites that they’ve had to bench because of nerfs. It would also force people to spread out boosts over more creatures, so you wouldn’t be as likely to see those tier 8 or 9 monsters out there.

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you didn’t have to post the same thing 3 times

It’s possible that he/she got the “internal server error” message and thought that the comment didn’t go through?

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That was exactly what happened.

I support this idea too . 12-16 team will give more variety … and will make us use our forgotten dinos !


But it doesn’t. If made to our 12 Dino’s on a team all you end up with is “the same” 12 on the high end.

Mean while every one in the middle suffers having to try and make a team of twelve that flows and works together.

Not every one throws thier strongest on a team some people think and tinker and work until thier team harmonize proper for game play

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I 100% support this idea , if only to reduce the likelihood of the same rat and Thora destroying the fun this game used to offer .
It’s a win win and I truly can’t see a downside to this idea .

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Would definitely hinder the Rat and Thor show

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Let’s make it happen, it’s a win-win for both customers and Ludia.

So that means instead of having 4 dinos that can be used in arena, we would be having 6 in circulation. Yes it sounds like a great idea and would welcome diversity into the arena. Would definitely make it interesting

There is one problem with the 12 dino team. When you make a new dino and want to try it out in PvP, it may take a lot of battles before it gets picked.

I just made Monomimus on my 2nd account and played 5 matches so far and haven’t gotten it picked yet to try out. sigh

Like when I finally unlocked Erlidom, it wasn’t selected until my 8 or 9th match! Then took another 4 or 5 to see it again.

Oh and in its first match it didnt dodge and was one shotted…

Tbf, my team has remained relatively stable for a couple months, and there are some days when I never see my favorite dino in my deck. Sometimes it seems like the RNG just prefers particular numbers from one day to the next.