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12 Dino fighting team


So they make changes to improve the game Nerfing and buffing as they go, which can cause frustration with some players but it keeps the game interesting and prevents it from becoming stale. So how about instead of Nerfing all my Dino’s next update, we change it from 8 Dino’s to 12. It will cause people to level more Dino’s spending coins and create Way more variety. There must be 20 Dino’s that I see over and over and over. If this is not a long term solution maybe introduce it for a tournament maybe so every tournament is not the same thing. Spice it up a bit. Just an idea. What do you think?


I didn’t want this thread to have 0 replies so I did it myself!


Well not a bad idea but as a F2P player it would be a lot harder to invest in 12 dinos rather than 8 and because the dino selection in battles is still random I don’t really know how to feel about this :S


with my current coin situation, there’s no way i can feed 12 dinos to sustain an equal lvl team. i can barely make it with 8. and i believe its the same for the majority.
but i agree with you, and im tired of seeing the same 10 dinos in the arena. there should be a solution, so that we can have at least 25 dinos that can be used.
in the lower arenas you have more variety, everyone uses different dinos, but since 40xx you can only use 10 if you wanna win


Why not just make your 8 dinos in the team available for battle instead of letting rng choose 4? Atleast we would be able to create some strategy knowing which dinos we will have in the team.


But we would see even less dinos this way as most people would focus on only building the 4 best.


Maybe to change up the arena a bit they could do weekly themed arena dino’s, similar to the weekly dinos’ to catch. If you use a weekly themed dino in battle you get an extra 20 percent health, attack, armour, shield, whatever……. This increase would be temporary for the week, day, half week, etc…This may make other dino’s viable to use in the arena for the week without us spending a lot of coin to power them up if we don’t want to.

I would not use this in the tournament. Maybe implement 2 or 3 weeks a month, or less to change things up a bit.


I like the team set up as it is. It’s random so interesting. Bit 8 Dino’s provides enough variety and difficulty in keeping the synergy and flow constant. I’d say 12 would be too much.

I just swap Dino’s around often to keep boredom at bay.


Strangely I’ve actually got coins to spare like 350k+ and I’ve just leveled Stegod to 27 and Tragod to 26. Its a nice change to having all my Dino’s flashing at me to evolve.
I’ve reached a point that I’ll never unlock another Dino because they won’t catch my current team. It would definitely be a drain on coins if this happened I won’t argue with that.


maybe allow us to add up to 12 into a pool of dinos with a minimum of 6 and still pick 4 random dinos for the battle. this way you can add more for variety or only 6 to minimize the rng.


But then all the top players who play to win and for trophies and not for fun will just lower it to their 6 best and be even stronger…


i don’t understand your concern. whats the difference with what we deal with now? if they can do it so can you.


There will be even less variety, and this matters more to high level players cuz thats when things get expensive. 6 will allow the strong players to get even stronger even faster. For same level players, its not that much of a concern though. Also nobody would ever put 12 on their team if 6 is an option, especially not up there in the big leagues.


so? if you want variety then yeah 12 would do it. i have a few dinos that i have to bench and would love to add to the pool. 6 dinos looks like an advantage and it can be but theyll never know what you are going to pull. just an idea. im not a huge fan of the random 8 that we use now.


I just don’t really like people being able to have different lower amounts. Because i would (and so would other people) like to see more variety overall, but we are afraid to add it to our team if other people aren’t using it, cuz then we will be much weaker in arena.


There can’t be less variety than it is now. 6 and a half (Dracog2) same dinos used all the time. For ranked players some legendaries change to uniques. Arena now is even more boring as it was before 1.5 update. Before only Stegodeus was everywhere, while there would be 15-20 other dinos used on regular basis.