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12 Dino Team

With so many great dinosaurs it would be advantageous for the developers to allow a 12 dinosaur team. After all, this would have players spending more of their coins building up additional dinosaurs. In return giving us the players the pleasure of having more variety for our teams. We would spend more coins and money developing the 12 dinosaurs which gives the game owners more money and happier players. Having only 8 dinosaurs I understand makes it challenging but also it limits our desire to build each and every legendary because we only can use so many.

Another option is to pick 3 dinosaurs from the 8 choice team of dinosaurs and then one from the “bench” which would be another 4 dinosaur tier of our choosing.

One last thought is maybe add two team spots for each arena a person advances to. Starting with 4 team spots for the first arena, 6 the next, 8, then 10 dinosaurs to choose from when you are in the 4th arena. Making it more rewarding and exciting as we advance arenas or possibly levels.

Just some thoughts. I know I personally would love to have more variety in battles picking from the plethora of dinosaurs. Thanks for the game.


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I’ve always thought a 10 or 12 dino team where a dino defeated in a battle has a one battle delay before it can be “randomly selected” to be in a battle again would be a cool idea.

Anything to bring more variety to the arena is most welcome by me. I get pretty bored battling the same 5 or so dinos every battle… Thor, Dilo, Utarinex, Tryko, and Indo…


We already have to power up too many creatures with ludias Nerf game and there aren’t 12 creatures in tyrant tier are there?!

there doesnt need to be 12 in tyrant. half my team is tyrant.

i think 12 would be cool. i have so many on the bench. the only thing is, it should be opt in to use 8 to 12 to address beasts concern.

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All my bench legendaries lvl 20. All my non tyrant unique 21 all my tyrant uniques lvl 23-24 all my must include legendaries lvl 22 plus. Getting another 4 of the legendary at lvl 20 to around 22(where they can tango with base lvl unique) over 1 million coins for sure! I would not mind if coin income was x3 of what it is now for lvl 20 account. Million coins is like 2 months grind(updates seem to come around this amount of time also bringing new Dino’s to unlock) and with new creatures to unlock my coins are only for A team or unlocks!!!

ive been free 2 play for the last few months. its not hard. cant be scared to compete in the arena and tourney though.

Not hard to have trophy progress stall to yo-yo cause A team isn’t getting to competitive level cause need to prioritise spending now! imagine with 4 more creatures in a team the game is abysmal grind already!

in fact ive used about 1 mill coins this month

your biggest issue is dna if anything.

Not really if you really want to power something up you pop a ton of scent in its area the hard limit is coins! I’m not free to play btw I prefer to pay for decent spawns which don’t happen normal play but I’m happy to spin for coin which actually exists in normal play!

as long as i do all strokes, max stops and do arenas i dont have coin issues. the chests do help. keep them coming ludia. if you are not f2p then buy coins?

When I read the title I thought it would’ve been a list of like the top 12 dinosaurs :confused: anyways, that sounds neat.

No just no. If you want variety just rotate your team. If your answer is but then I’d lose more battles then having an extra 4 Dino’s on team is the same thing. 8 is a good number. It’s already difficult keeping team harmonics in line.

Of course if your team is just ohhhh this is strong and pretty then yeah the more the merrier I guess.

But as it stands now with not only Dino selection but placement being random it’s difficult to get and maintain team dynamics. Throw more in throw that out.

So no Noooooo. Niet nien nunca.

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For those who dont like this option maybe it could be a choice. Further along people in leVel could get one more spot or they can leave the spots past 8 empty.

No words, 12 team is awesome…